Zoom Quick Start Guide

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Here is a quick guide to get you started. There are plenty of online help or videos on YouTube to assist you further.

  • Zoom is an online internet-based video conferencing software.
  • You do not need to pay to use this application.
  • The Guild has purchased Zoom account, you just need to install Zoom on your device

What do you need to join a Zoom session?

  • Desktop or Laptop computer, tablet or smartphone (download Zoom app from app store or, if on a computer you can just go to Zoom.us and download it from there for free)
  • Preferably a web camera (not mandatory)
  • A microphone of some sort: cell phones have them but you’ll probably want a bigger screen; most new laptops and computers have both camera and microphone; for older computers you can add both microphone and camera for about $40 to 50 at the moment.
  • Internet connection (WiFi or wired)
  • An email invitation and password if required

If you were given an Invite:

  1. Click on link in the email, or go to the Guild’s website (Login first thing if it’s a member-only event). Click on the event in the list on the bottom of almost any page or, on the upper menu, go to “Glass”> Event Calendar. The link should be up at least two days before the event.
  2. You may need to click on “open.zoom.us”, especially the first time you use it.
  3. Click “Join with Computer Audio”

Other Tips

  • If you see: “Waiting for Host to Start this Meeting,” just wait for them to join. We suggest hosts start the meeting about 10 minutes early to give everyone time to get connected.
  • If a password is asked for, it will be in the email from the meeting organizer or you can request it using the form (About>Contact Us>Request Zoom Link tab)
  • Adjust your camera to center your face on the screen so people can see you properly.
  • Your microphone and camera ON/OFF icons are in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Click on Participants at the bottom center of the screen to see others in the meeting.
  • Please keep yourself on Mute unless speaking. Be respectful when others are talking.
  • The CHAT button at the bottom of the screen allows you type a message to participants
  • If you are muted, hold down the space bar to temporarily unmute and when finished release the spacebar to remain muted
  • If you don’t want to spend the meeting seeing yourself (which can be tiring), the 3 dots in the upper right of your image have a menu. Choose “hide self view”.

Security Suggestion

  • We will be having a password so you will need to login to the website and go to the “Calendar” to find the link. If it is a member-only event, you must be logged in to see/click the link, which should contain the password.
  • We are often recording so you may wish to change your name to just your first name and perhaps post a picture instead of being “live” in the video.
  1. In the lower bar below screen click on the “Participants” icon
  2. The “Participants” panel will open
  3. Click on the “More” button and rename or replace picture