Members’ Gallery: Adding your work

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1) Prepare your photos

Take the best photo you can. We hope to add a guide to photographing glass in the near future.

Please make sure each photo is not larger than 1MB in file size or it will slow your page loading. Paint (Windows) or Photos (Mac) come with your operating system and can resize your images. There is also a free online image resizer at

#1 Cover photo (the large background photo in the main Member’s Gallery image and #1 on the My Profile image below): at least 1000 pixel by 370px or a similar 2.7 to 1 ratio. Note that the profile photo obscures the center of the cover photo in the Gallery view and in the lower left on your own page. NO ADDED TEXT on this one please.

#2 Profile Photo: Use a photo of your face: people want to know they are buying from a real person, not a glass making machine. Plus that helps us match the person to the wonderful art you make when we see you at an event. It will be a small 190px circle. Upload an image about 200px wide or not too much larger. After uploading you can resize, center, and crop to make the circle.

#3 Prepare your text (#3 in the image above)
You control what shows up in the main Gallery by what you enter in the About tab (Business name and website). Name, phone, city and state come from your “My account” entries.
You can also enter a 179 character description under your cover photo. If you copy and paste this from Word or a similar program with formatting you risk getting a mess.The formatting of the typical word-processing program will quarrel with the HTML of the website. It is better to use a text editor like Notepad (Windows) or Notes (Mac) or re-type it on the website.

#4 Art photos Click Gallery tab (#4 above): You can have up to 9 images on your personal Gallery page. 600 px wide is plenty. A high res, 24″ monitor shows the enlarged Gallery image at 536 px. Most cell phones display images at not more than 600 px wide. The larger the image files you use, the longer your load times. Please do not exceed 1mb per image or your page will take a very long time to load..

Using the same length on all the art photos on your gallery page prevents distortion: the software distorts shorter images to match the longest image in the row. The number of images in a row varies from 1 to 3 across, depending on the width of the viewer’s browser window. Furthermore, the order the images display is sort of random and can change: reloading them will not fix it. Easiest is to make them all square or at least the same length.

2) Log-in and Edit Your Profile

One way to get there is to go to “My account” from the log-in window, click on View Profile under your name.

Or you can find it from the top menu under For Members >My Profile.

Click on the gear icon on the right (#1), under the cover photo, choose Edit Profile .

Click on each of the top 3 areas of your profile in turn and load
#1 your cover photo

#2 your profile image

#3 Type in your 179 character description

#4 Click the “About” tab and enter any details you wish to add for potential customers to see.

#5 Push Update Profile at the bottom of the screen

#5, the Update Profile button is at the bottom of the screen

3) Add your “Gallery” photos.

In your Gallery tab (#4 in image above), click on the “+Add Photo” and load each of your photos (eventually they may start appearing in a different order: re-loading them does not fix this), up to a maximum of 9. Again please make sure they are not over 1MB each. 600 px across is usually plenty large enough.

You can click on each photo and add a title or description on the right. Note that the viewer will have to be interested enough to click on the photo to see the description.

4) Check Your Work

Now log out (“For Members”>Log out) and look at your entry in the Members’ Gallery as if you are any visitor. Click on your image and check your page. Click on each of your images to see the description if you added one. Click your website link if you entered one.

Copy the URL link and you can give it out as your webpage. It will have the form

If you want to turn your profile off while you work on your page:

Log in and go to your account. Choose the privacy tab.

Change the Profile Privacy dropdown from “Everyone” to “Only me”.

Press the blue update Privacy button down at the bottom.

Be sure to change it back if you want it to show up again if anyone else looks for it in the Members’ Gallery.