W-Membership list exporting

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  1. Log-in as editor and go to For Members>Membership Contact List
  2. scroll to the bottom of the FIRST list
  3. Refresh the list
  4. Push the export button. It will download a csv file with a name like “userlist-20220513_1505.csv” where the number after “userlist” is the date. You should be able to open this with Excel or any other spreadsheet program.

Zoom Quick Start Guide

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Here is a quick guide to get you started. There are plenty of online help or videos on YouTube to assist you further.

  • Zoom is an online internet-based video conferencing software.
  • You do not need to pay to use this application.
  • The Guild has purchased Zoom account, you just need to install Zoom on your device

What Webmaster Does

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Our webmaster manages the website’s technical resources and behaviors (in the “back end”) that support the messages and content (on the “front end”). The actual content is created and managed by the members of various organizational teams of volunteers. You need basic familiarity with WordPress back-end and ability to follow the WordPress release notes and comments to decide when to apply an upgrade. You don’t need to know it ALL already because the creator of the website is willing to provide a bit of free coaching.