• Push “Join” from the main menu and then from there push the green “Join and Pay” button

• Fill out the registration form and push continue.

• Then you’ll see the membership product screen.
click the drop down arrow and choose “sponsor” from the list. Push “Add to Cart”

You’ll end up on the “Cart” page with a zero balance. Push “Proceed to checkout”.

Yes, you need to fill out the billing form even though you owe nothing. When done, check the terms and conditions box and push “place order”. Congratulations: you’ll be a member as soon as the Treasurer verifies with our Sponsorship coordinator that you have been approved (usually a day or two). Please contact Linda Gerrard, Sponsorship, if there seems to be a problem.

Go to the Welcome page for all the things logging in as a member will add to your experience of the website.