What is a “Play Day”?

When we surveyed our members at a Vendor Fair, people wanted to have get-togethers.

In response, the Guild initiated PLAY DAYS:

  • FREE to our members
  • Informal get-togethers
  • Opportunity to do a project together
  • Collaborate and learn from each other
  • Get to know other glass artists, develop friendships, and learn or refine techniques

We are so lucky to have studios opened to our members in widely spread out locations: East Multnomah County and Washington County in Oregon, Vancouver and Seattle in Washington.  We welcome any member to open up their studio for a future Play Day!!!

Guild members got together to learn how to do sgraffito.

Check our Calendar for upcoming Play Days and other fun and interesting events.

You can host a Play Day!

  • You pick the topic* that you’d like to share.
  • This is not you teaching but rather a cooperative adventure with other Guild members!
  • Select the date and number of people to attend
  • Determine glass materials and tools to have on hand (ask for a materials fee or ask folks to bring their own supplies).

*Here are some ideas for topics:
(links are to videos of previous Play Days and/or a materials, list please help us add to it and make it more useful)

Fusing surprises show and tell (troubleshooting)
Firing schedules discussion (log in to see video)
Decal making
Enamels (log in to see video)
Landscapes: stones, clouds, trees, water…
Screen printing
Inclusions (log in to see video)
Fossil Vitria (log in to see video)
Reactive glass (log in to see video)
Gel-paste sculpting (log in to see suggestions of what to have on hand, PDF)

Kiln carving
Silicone mold making
Plaster mold making
Patte de Verre
Kiln casting
Glass Lace
Sand casting
Ornament party (log in to see video)
Yard-stake party (members log in to see video)

Torch Work:
(better done as class: everyone needs a torch. See “Find a Teacher”)

Blown Glass
(better done as class: needs a team and lots of equipment. See “Find a Teacher”)

Hand polishing

Stained Glass
Cutting practice (video)
Solder appliqué
Mosaic or applique tabletop

Business skills:
Pricing (log in to see video)
Writing an artist statement
Website design
Display solutions (log in to see video)
Booth critique
Mock Jury

A finished sgraffito piece “Enjoying the Water”
by Margie Rieff