Play Day: Photographing Your Work

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June 12th (a week from Sunday) 12:30 to around 3:30

At Karen Seymour’s (by the Zoo in Seattle). We’ll try to do a Zoom portion too.
Contact Karen Seymour if you’re interested.

If you’re like me you put off making good images of your latest work because getting the lights and backdrops set up is such a pain. Let’s do it together.
Bring some of your work and your camera or cell phone. I’ll set up some lights and backgrounds, and we can take pictures. Then we can look at the results and discuss fixes.

If you’re an experienced photographer with proper lights and tents discus bringing them along so we have more setups and experience to help those who haven’t gotten there yet. Better photos makes the Guild as a whole look more polished and by extension, yourself.

Play Days are member only events. Please join the Guild before attending.

If we manage to get Zoom working, log in first and then look for the link on the event listing