September 17-18, 2021, 10am to 4pm both days.
Registration and Payment due by August 15th

We chose to have the event two months earlier than usual so you should be able to set up outdoors or in your well ventilated studio.

In 2019 our Open Studio attendance increased over 2018. A number of studios offer demonstrations or even free (or low cost) small projects that the public can make. This type of exposure increases your customer’s understanding of and appreciation for the work that goes into creating a piece of glass art .

The event takes place throughout the greater Portland area*:
Clark Co. WA
Multnomah Co. OR
Clackamas Co. OR
Washington Co. OR
Columbia Co. OR
*If you are outside of this area and wish to host, please contact the tour coordinator.

If you want to find a studio willing to share space, fill out as much as you can of the artist registration form in step 2 below and we’ll ask hosts with extra spaces to contact you. We encourage you to form clumps of artists: visitors often skip studios/areas with only 1 or 2 artists.

1) Login to be sure your membership is current.

You must be a current member to show your glass work in this event.

You can see your renewal date in For Members> My Account> subscriptions tab.
If your membership has already expired on this website you will be prompted to renew. If you can’t log-in, it is probably not current

If you are not yet a member or if your OGG membership expired and you have not yet registered on the website, push “join” from the top menu. The $45 annual membership fee gets you many other benefits too.

We recommend paying by credit card so you don’t need to wait a couple of weeks while we process your check.

2) Hosts only: Register your address on the Site Registration form first (log in to see the link)

*Members, log in to view this info.*

Check that your computer doesn’t autofill the wrong information

3) All artists fill out the registration form (log in to see the link):
Guest artists please check with your host that they have registered their site before filling out the Artist Registration form so that you can link your registration to the site you will be at.

Artists without a host yet: fill out as much of the Artist Registration form as you can. We will pass on your information to studios looking for artists and hopefully one of them will contact you. Once you have a host, please contact the tour coordinator to connect you to your host’s site in the database.

We’re using the free version of database to manage the applications. After you submit your form there will be an ad for Airtable that we can’t remove unless the Guild pays a subscription fee. Just close it.

*Members, log in to view this info.*

Clicking “+” at the beginning of the form shows the hosts already registered.
Picking the name of your host connects your registration to that site.

4) Pay your $55 per artist fee (log in to see the link) Please Pay by Credit Card if you possibly can; contact the Tour Coordinator If you need to make other arrangements.

*Members, log in to view this info.*

5) Put some images of your work in the Members’ Gallery if you have not already done so.
This isn’t actually required but this is where we will be getting publicity images from and we strongly encourage this extra publicity

If you need assistance with any of this or have questions please contact Carlyne Lynch, tour coordinator. Also contact her if you can help put the tour together: publicity, sign distribution, host matching etc.