Vintage three stage Henry G. Lange glass beveling machines to REHOME

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Hoping to find a school/ studio/ individual who may have interest in rehoming a set of vintage three stage Henry G. Lange glass beveling machines.


These machines have been in storage, and we are attempting to find them a new home other than the scrap yard. They are currently located in Gig Harbor, WA.


The machines would require 240v power with a converter to power their 3 phase motors. They would take up quite a bit of room in a studio space, dimensions are as follows:

Tri-Wheel: 38” wide, 44” long, 56” tall

Felt Buff Wheel: 30” wide, 54” long, 56” tall

Horizontal Roughing Wheel: 40” wide, 46” long, 40” tall

All dimensions are at widest points and do not include height of plywood bases/ casters currently attached for stability/ transportation.


Contact: Becky Mustoe

Cell: 253-961-5179, please leave a message with your contact info, text okay