Vendor Fair – More Details

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We’ve got a great line up of Vendors and hoping to add a couple more. You’ll be able to purchase, art glass, dichroic glass, vitrigraph pots, hardwood stands, vitrigraph, cane and murini, and a new grinding tool made by one of our own members (and Sponsor).

Let’s not forget about the prizes! We have so many wonderful items donated by our fabulous Sponsors just for this event. I’ve already received a few boxes and more are on the way. You’ll be able to purchase tickets to win any one of these fabulous items: molds, art glass, hardwood stands, modeling glass starter kits, dichroic glass, vitirgraph and more!

All of the donated items will be displayed on tables with a container for you to drop 1/2 of your ticket to try to win that item. Drawings will happen throughout the event, but purchase your tickets early so you don’t miss out on any of the items. Tickets will be 2 for $1.00 and will be sold for CASH only.

There’s a lot going on during the event and only 2 of us on this project, so we need some volunteers for different tasks. Volunteers may be needed for up to 45 minutes, but you’ll definitely have plenty of time to shop and eat. Please click on this link and let us know how you can help:

Don’t forget to renew your membership before this member only event!