Surrealist mosaic tile kits available for 2 weeks only! (PDX)

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Be part of the largest communal Surrealist mosaic this side of the Rockies by designing your own 1’x1’ glass mosaic.

Everything you need is included in the kit! Lay out your mosaic tile using small pieces of luminous glass gleaned from the recycle bin at Bullseye Glass. There are no rules or designs that must be followed; your only constraint is the selection of glass colors in your kit.

You’ll return your tile in mid-August so that it can be grouted and mounted as part of the larger mosaic on a courtyard wall between Maybelle Center and Macdonald Residence in downtown Portland. Sit back, knowing you’re actively disrupting social isolation. And eagerly await your invitation to the mural unveiling in Fall 2021, where you can spot your tile and name on the plaque.

While the mosaic is based on an abstract drawing of the Willamette and Columbia rivers converging, the end-product will be a surprise to the 400+ artists, despite having a hand in creating it. Each of the 500 tiles will be designed by individual artists without collaboration.

$150 donation for each mosaic kit

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How does it work?

STEP 1: Colorful glass from the recycle bin at Bullseye Glass is cut into small pieces by glass artist, Todd Beaty.

STEP 2: Pieces are color-sorted, and the design is drawn on the floor.

STEP 3: A 20’x25’ string grid overlays the drawing, and glass pieces are laid out according to the image. The glass in each square is packed into numbered kits.

STEP 4: You can purchase one or more of these mosaic kits to design at home. Just stick the glass tiles on the contact paper in any design!

STEP 5: Drop off your finished tile so it can be grouted and affixed to the courtyard wall between the Residence and Maybelle Center in downtown Portland.

A FEELING OF JOY: At the unveiling as your masterpiece converges with 499 other tiles to create beauty and disrupt social isolation in Portland.

For more information and to purchase a tile kit, visit:
Hurry! Only available for 2 weeks.

**Note tile kits need to be picked up and returned to Maybelle Center for Community in downtown Portland. Shipping is not available.