Studio Sale

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If Glass Guild members would like to contact me before items are listed in the market, they’ll get the best price. Available now:34 pcs H lead came 3/16” x 6’ $170.
Safety equipment for natural gas/ forced air automatic furnace system $500.
82″w x 62.5″d x 13”h galvanized hood and 14” x 12’ stack $500
100 # electric glass blowing furnace, new elements and crucible (240 volt 45 amps) not for boro $5000
Vitrolite: 1/2” Art Deco glass, red, orange, yellow, dark blue, black, opal. Various odd sizes
Electric glass blowing garage. You’ve seen the gas garage where the gaffer assistant stores a preblown bit, while the gaffer works on another piece, and they combine the two pieces. This is an electric garage where the assistant hangs the first piece on the pipe in the electric garage until the gaffer needs it. Advanced equipment for sculptural pieces. $1000
Glass blowing hand tools: Right and left hand jacks, shears and such. Fenton Glass lehr tongs.
503 244 1626 answering machine that call blocks spam calls. Leave a message.