Rochester High School: In need of glass scraps for Mosaic Project.

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Hello PNW Glass Guild,

My name is Nolan Wagner. I teach Visual Art at Rochester High School. I am here to ask if there is an artist who would be willing to donate glass scraps for a mosaic project. While at the OPA and Guilds Showcase, I saw a beautiful mosaic by Kory Dollar, and it inspired me to try  to do a mosaic project with my students. Previously, I had a friend who talked about how much fun they had doing stained glass in HS, so I was looking for a good way to incorporate glass art into my curriculum.

I’m hoping to make mosaics with my Advanced Art class. I have 15 students, and I’m thinking our projects will be 8×10 inches. Is there anyone between the South Sound and Portland area(within 1.5 hours of Chehalis, WA) who can donate glass, or sell for a discounted price?

Contact Info: 360-880-6903,  (Email or text message will work)

Thank you for your consideration,

Nolan Wagner