Play Day: Copper Foil & Solder, Seattle

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Matt Seger, one of our newest members, suggested a copper foil and soldering Play Day. I volunteered my garage (near the Zoo in Seattle). Even if you usually just do fusing, knowing a bit about soldering can help you hang your pieces. If you’ve already done ordinary copper foil, have you tried doing overlays or incorporating seashells or sticks in a piece? Do you know the quick way to burnish foil onto glass globs?

I have space for up to 6 members. Are you interested? I’m trying to pick a date and time that work for the most folks: which of these 3 possible dates/times works best and which don’t work at all for you?
1) Sunday March 26th at 1pm
2) or Wednesday March 29th at 9:30 am
3) or Wednesday March 29th at 1pm?
phone or text me at 206-525-1577
Karen Seymour