Partnership Opportunity

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Hi Glass Artists,

I’m an artist based in SE Portland who makes unique and fragile (non-glass) sculptures; I’m making too many to give away, and thus I’m on a venture to make them sellable. I am making a website, getting all the photos taken, preparing to approach brick and mortar retailers, and looking for a glass blower who wants to have a collaborative, creative, compensated partnership with me.
I currently have upwards of 50 small sculptures made out of dried plants and a bit of hot glue. Their longevity, value, and craft-vs-art-liness will be improved greatly by being held in a glass structure– I envision a clear bell jar or terrarium of sorts, but I’m so open to creative input from another artist.
If you’re a glass artist who is cool, collected, and looking to start a casual venture, please feel free to contact me at
Thank you all for your time,
best best best,
Spylock Gertrude