Need for Short Term Social Media Coordinator for the 2024 Gathering of the Guilds April 19-21 2024

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Contact Information: Lesley Kelly, text 503-816-3981.

Hi Everyone,

The guild has an urgent need for a social media coordinator to help the guild advertise the work of any member who will be participating in the 2024 Gathering of the Guild show in the Oregon Convention Center April 19-21, 2024.  The social media coordinator would post images from each artist, once a week, on the Facebook site for the Gathering of the Guild show as well as the website that has been created for the show.

Once we start selling booths, which will start next month, as we sign up artists, they will be asked to send the social media coordinator images of the work they plan to put in the show, and each week the social media coordinator will post those images for that artist on Facebook and in the website.  The work should only take 1-2 hours a week, one day a week, and the social media coordinator will receive training in January 2024 on their duties, work with the overall show Advertising Coordinator to decide on what day they will post for our guild, and then post images each week. 

We are offering the person who volunteers to be our social media coordinator a stipend of a $200 Bullseye Gift Certificate, or another gift card of their choice for the same amount.  The total time would be 1-2 hours a week for each week in January – April 2024.  Please consider providing this valuable service to the guild and contact me at the contact information at the top of this post as soon as possible so we can get you signed up for the training in January.