Nabertherm GF 190 Clamshell Kiln for sale

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Outstanding Like New Naberthem GF190 Glass Kiln – $3,500. In Aloha OR (western suburb of Portland)

I bought this Nabertherm GF 190 Glass Kiln from the original owner last December with a specific use in mind, but my plans have changed, so I’ve decided to let it go. It really is in like new condition. The original owner claimed to have fired it only a few times, and I’ve fired it exactly 8 times.

This is an extremely high quality kiln, very reliable and accurate, produced by Nabertherm, a German company that makes some of the best industrial glass kilns in the world, so this is not the typical hobby quality kiln you’ll come across. This kiln will last a lifetime. The GF190 is particularly suitable for fusing of glass. It features infrared heating elements in quartz tubes, mounted on the ceiling and light fiber insulation, ensures fast heat-up and cool-down rates and optimum fusing or slumping results. The quartz tubes prevent any direct contact with the heating coils so you can safely open the kiln during operation without the need to switch off the heating allowing for glass combing and other creative processes. There are no pins required to hold the heating elements in place so you don’t need to worry about them falling into your fused glass project and the fiber lined interior also means that there are no kiln bricks to drop particles in your glass.

The exterior dimensions are apx 59” x 34” including the controller, the handle and the wheel extensions on the back of the stand. With the lid open, it is about 38” deep. It includes a 38” x 18” fiber shelf that is supported on top of two 17 ½” square mullite shelves. The interior height is about 14″ with approximately 10″ clearance between the top of the shelf and the element tubes. The mullite shelves could be used alone if you prefer and that would give you about 2″ extra vertical clearance. I’ll also throw in an assortment of kiln furniture.

This kiln is large and heavy, but we were able to move it easily using an inexpensive U-Haul trailer with a ramp.
This kiln uses standard US 240v power. It does not require 3 phase power like some kilns of this size. According to the specifications it will draw up to 26.7 amps. It comes with a standard NEMA 6-30P plug for connection to a 240V, 30 amp outlet.

The controller is a 12 button, Bartlett RTC 1000 which is designed for the US market. You program it using Fahrenheit temperatures and the ramp rates are specified in degrees per hour. It will hold up to 6 programs with up to 32 segments each and will even calculate the cost of each firing for you.

• Dual shell stainless steel construction
• Heats up to 1742°F/950°C
• Infrared heating elements encased in quartz glass tubes for direct even heating of glass, short heat-up times and energy efficient operation
• Overhead heating for direct heat transfer to your project
• Hood insulation with special non-carcinogenic ceramic fiber for short heat-up and cool-down rates
• Solid-state power control relays for silent operation
• IR-Elements for quick heat up and low energy costs
• Ventilation ports in the lid for viewing, faster cooling and for evacuation of fumes.
• Fast power switching for precise temperature regulation
• Type “K” (NiCr-Ni) thermocouple inside the furnace chamber for precise temperature measurement
• Housing made of high-grade stainless steel and ventilated lid
• Attractive and professional design
• Gas springs counterbalance the lid weight for easy opening and closing.
• Adjustable quick-release locks to secure the hood during firing
• Large “cool-touch” handle for opening and closing the kiln
• Angled sight ports with plugs let you see the progress of your work and cool quickly
• Includes solid steel base frame with industrial swivel casters and stainless storage shelf

Contact Bob at or 503-642-2368