Meltings Studio Sale

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Meltings Studio Sale: While I plan to do some fused glass work on an occasional basis in the future, Mary has just so much stuff that I will never use or need that should be put to good use. Thus this sale at bargain prices. Bring cash and I will deal! SOME items include; racks and shelving, many molds, lots of glass sheets, frits, dichro, iris, some spectrum 96, tools, circle cutters, dremel, glass cutters, stringers, noodles, lots of torch work glass rods, vitrograph stringers, shop vac, 2’x4’x.5” fiber board, roll of fiber paper, XL 3000 jig saw, GlasStar Grinder and extra bits. Also have craft booth supplies, grid table and grid baskets, bags, display shelves, lights, and stands. You get the idea. I don’t think you would go away disappointed. Reply by e-mail if you want to make an appointment to check it out. Otherwise I’ll be open Saturday June 3 from 10AM-2PM and Sunday June 4 from 11AM-3PM at 6121 SW Orchid Drive, Portland, Oregon. Thanks for considering – Dan Stoneman, e-mail: