Making Silicone Molds for F-n-F

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February 11 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm Pacific Time: Washougal WA

Washougal WA (near Portland OR): Stephanie Johnson is organizing a play day in making silicone molds for freeze and fuse. This is a messy job at times but you know someone has to do it. We will explore 2D and 3D molds, translucent molds and molds colored with food coloring. Bring an apron or a towel to cover your lap.

Please bring a sack lunch and anything you want to drink (in a closeable container). Bring gloves if you don’t like sticky stuff on your hands

The following is a list of the items I would appreciate you bringing with you if possible (anything with a * beside it I will supply):
Tube of 100% silicone, do not get advanced or anything that isn’t 100% silicone. I’ve never tried the white but I’ll bring a tube and we will play with it. If you happen to have a caulking gun please bring that also.
*dish soap
Corn Starch (I will have a bit with me)
*food coloring
paper towels
medium size container for water (something you can put your hand in to mix)
*cooking spray oil (any cheap stuff will be fine)
*piping bags (found in the cake decorating department of Joann’s or Michael’s) or plastic sandwich bags,
and finally, items to mold, such as: leaves, sticks, pebbles or small stones, tree bark, sea shells, pine cones, pine or fir twigs or other plant material. I will have a lot of items with me so if you can’t bring anything you’re welcome to share mine.

We have room for 5 more people so you will be accepted in the order you respond. Shirley Bishop has kindly allowed us to use her studio in Washougal, WA. More information on directions as you contact me.

Please contact Stephanie if you wish to come.