Looking for an Artist – Glass Slump

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I’m looking for an artist to help me create a glass slump of my torso while pregnant.  I’m in Portland, Oregon, willing to do a little travel.

My mom had an artist friend who took a plaster cast of my mom’s torso while 8 months pregnant with me and created a “glass slump” from the piece by laying a sheet of glass over the mold in a kiln. I would love to recreate it for myself. Unfortunately, we’ve not been sccessful in contacting the original artist.

I have photos to share with someone who’s interested in the project. I’m capable of creating the original mold myself, but I’m unsure of the necessities of creating a mold that would be glass and kiln worthy for the final step, and of course would need somone who could execute the final steps!

Please text or email Ariel at 509.592.8690 or arieljwg@gmail.com. “Subject: GLASS SLUMP” will be sure to get my attention!

Thank you!