Prices reduced Glass fusing equipment and supplies for sale

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This is a list of what I have left:

Taurus’s Ring Saw with extra blade $200
Covington 4” wet belt sander with pump and extra belts $300
Techniglass “The Ginder” $180
Lots of various slumping molds $5-$10
Lots of Bullseye COE 90 half sheet (20”x 35”) fusing glass $10-$15/ half sheet
Lots of bullseye stringer $10/tube

Hi, my name is Joshua. I sustained a very serious shoulder injury and will be unable to continue to fuse glass for a while and am looking to sell my glass fusing equipment and supplies. I have 2 14×14 110V kilns, ring saw, wet belt sander, multiple cutter types, sandblast cabinet, bunch of slumping molds, ton of sheet glass, ton of frit and stringer, etc that I would like to sell. I am hoping to find someone who will put the equipment and supplies to good use. Everything is nearly brand new. Thank you

Joshua Een