Get Real Glass Mosaic Workshop

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John Sollinger, Ashland, OR, March 10-12, 2023 in downtown Ashland Lithia Loft

Forget about grouting, grinding, digging out bad areas, breathing dust and fumes, getting sticky fingers, and andemento! Instead, concentrate on values and essential details, underpainting and layering. The workshop will begin with a demonstration of my direct and double reverse techniques and thought processes for creating realistic mosaics. Also, I will share how I choose and manipulate images; select glass based on patterns, value and context; and how I cut and place glass. My overarching goal is to work with each individual participant’s skills and disposition to enrich their experience. We will assess your work as you progress, using your phone camera and viewing images in grayscale. You will create indoor mosaic wall hanging. Some students will finish early and some will finish at home, but most will finish in the mosaic in final hours of day 3.

Cost is $500.00 for three days.  Please see further details on my website