Delphi EZ Pro Jen-Ken Glass Fusing Kiln 15-6

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This was my very first kiln, which I purchased new, and it has been well loved and I have taken good care of it. Although I hate to part with it, there are four other kilns in the studio and I need to clear some space. It is a Delphi Glass EZ Pro Kiln made by Jen-Ken and runs on regular household current. There are elements in both the side and lid. The relays were just replaced and my kiln guy checked it out and it is ready to go. It has  programmable controller. internal size is 15″x 6.5″. Shelf is 13. Includes the manual and a stand. It would be great for someone just starting out and wishing to learn fused glass or as a test kiln. I do not want to ship the kiln so it is local pickup at my home in Gresham, Oregon. $700.00 cash only please. Please send me an email at or call me on my landline at 503-661-3073 if you are interested in checking it out.