Bullseye COE 90 Glass Scrap, Confetti, and Other Items Available

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Need to make some room in my studio.

I have a bunch of Bullseye COE 90 glass scrap. This includes clear scrap that I am selling for $1.50 lb. Some of this is Herringbone Ripple Glass and some is Prismatic or Accordian (not sure which exactly).

Also have some mixed batches of scrap in red, blue, and green (reds are together, blues are together, greens are together). These are for sale for $2.50 lb.

Bullseye Confetti in Orange, Red (2) and Mixed Colors (4). These containers weigh 4 ozs each and are for sale for $15 each.

Also I have a few extra circle cutters. One is the Easy Cut Lens Cutter. Selling for $15. The other is a homemade one that I am selling for $5.

LOCAL PICKUP ONLY in Gresham, OR Cash only, please.

Please email Kathy Kollenburn, WildflowerFusing@gmail.com or you can call 503-661-3073 (landline).