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ART SUPPLIES FOR SALE: Director’s chair folding chair, Storage shelf 5 bins 42”H X 21”L X 18”W

Table covering for shows for 2 ½’ X 4’ tables, Merchandise bags, Ribbon, Storage containers

Bottle cutting jigs and bottles, Metal stands -variety of sizes most are 18 ¾” X 12” and bases are 7” X 7”

Other metal stands all varieties, Carrying cases, Spare 10 X 10 White for canopy, Display stands

Plexiglas stands, Matt cutter, Driftwood, Yarn, Beads, Books, Old Windows without glass

Package set for Stained Glass, Diamond Star Grinder, Stained Glass Soldering Welder-Welle 100

Bullseye Glass sample stained glass Kit,Toolbox with cooper foil, lead brushes and more, Books

And Much More!

Mitzi Kugler

May 27th

Saturday 9 to 2

4970 Bonnet Dr.

West Linn 97068