Kiln Repair Recommendations

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I am needing some help with kiln repair for an Olympic Kiln. Does anyone have a great kiln repair person in the Portland area they would recommend? Thank you!

Send info to Kathy at

Seeking a memoriam piece

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I have about a tablespoon of my father’s ashes I would like incorporated into a piece I can put on a window sill. I have seen from an artist that used to be located in Hood River what amounted to paperweights with a swirl of color and rolled in a loved one’s ashes. I was thinking of something like that. I would enjoy hearing about any ideas you might have.

Chris Patrick


Stained glass

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Hi, I am looking for some cathedral ripple in a turquoise blue color for a restore!
also  semi opal blue white and clear for the sky!
Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you,

Cindi Szeimies

Photoshop Tutor

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I was wondering if anyone in your group knew someone who is good at photoshop.  I am looking for someone who can teach me how to crop, duplicate, and customize an image of glass to help visualize custom multi-piece projects.  You can contact Kyle at (503)707-6988.

Need help to identify the artist that created this art glass

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Many years ago while on vacation I visited an art gallery near the Oregon coast and purchased this fascinating art glass. It measures 4” on each side however one side is angled. It is signed with an etching pen but I can’t make out the name as it is very small. I am hoping someone in your organization might recognize the piece and identify the artist. I rotate it every now and then to get a new interesting view.


Repair needed

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I need help with a repair.
The artist John Nutter in B.C. sent me a glass feather which broke in transit. It is a clean break. He says it is a simple fix with UV glue. One of you would know. Is there someone who would help me fix this piece? I’m in SE but would bring the piece. See below. It’s about 14″ long.
Francoise brun-cottan 310-429-3739


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HI! It’s almost my birthday, and I have decided to treat myself to a wonderful SAW! Can’t afford a new one, so I am reaching out to see if anyone might have a Taurus Ring Saw. I can’t wait to as Beyonce would say “put a ring on it!”  Contact me at Thanks in advance.

Quest for Uroboros

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Does anyone know where I can purchase any or all that is left of Uroboros 60-93.  Most companies are out – Uro by Yoc isn’t making that color.  I’m hoping that someone has a stash of it and is willing to part with it at any price.  thanx

Please email or call  503-245-1313

Tribute for horse with ashes

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A friend of mine recently lost her horse after 24 years and we would like to give her a glass tribute containing the horses ashes. Is that possible?

Thanks, Donna Harding.

Glass lamp repair

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My name is John Saurenman and I live on SE 49th Ave (near Stark) in Portland. My mobile number is +13105625790.

I have a small glass lamp from which a piece has broken off. The attached photos show the lamp and the piece that has broken off. I’m looking for someone to repair the lamp. Thanks.

Guild Member Looking for Art Donations for Furball Auction

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PNW Glass Guild Member Debbie Cross: I am requesting donations for the Furball, a big gala in May and this year’s theme is Cattyshack/golf.  We expect over 250 attendees. I’m trying to help with procurement for their auction and thought I’d reach out to some fellow glass artists. I understand they always do well with art.

I volunteer for the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon, a non-profit group that spays and neuters feral cats preventing literally millions of unwanted cats on the streets. Last year they helped over 8000 cats. Their biggest fundraising event, Furball, is coming in May.

If you happen to have something you could donate, or know someone else who could, it would be greatly appreciated. Anything cat themed really does well at these events. Donors will be listed in the program book. I could, of course, pick anything up.

If you would like to know more about FCCO, go to


Debbie Cross


Looking for fasson paper

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Those who do stained glass may remember the fasson paper that Cline Glass used to sell. For those who don’t, it’s a white vinyl (like contact paper) product approximately 24×24 inches. I have had a supply of it that is quickly dwindling as, for the last 13 years, I have had my glass students use it for their patterns. I would love to know if there is a distributer/supplier out there. If you know of a source please let me know. Thanks in advance! Sharon Dunham

Jury Now for Local 14 Art Show in Portland

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Our popular Local 14 Art Show & Sale is coming back in person again the first weekend in October! The Zapplication Jury process has just opened and ends March 18th. For details go to

The local 14 show is comprised of about half member artists and half juried guest artists. If you have general questions about doing the Local 14 Art Show you can email PNW Glass Guild member Greta Schneider who is also a member of Local 14.

Rogue Ales and Spirits

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Hi there! I have a unique question/request!

I work for Rogue Ales and Spirits and we are planning an event for pre-Valentine’s Day (in order for people to create gifts). We’d love to have an engraver come to our event and engrave glass bottles for our attendees. (We want a professional to handle the actual engraving.) Along with this activity, we’ll be doing spirits tastings and have some card-making supplies, so it should be fun! We’d pay an hourly rate for the event. Let me know if glass engraving is something y’all do and if you’re interested in attending the event at Rogue Eastside Pub on February 10th. Thanks so much!

Mallory Rogers-Boone
Rogue Ales & Spirits
Pub Events Coordinator

971-563-2865, Portland, OR

Aerolux Refurbishment

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I recently acquired a vintage Aerolux bulb that has a large black spot on the inside of the glass. I know nothing about glass work or bulbs, but if anyone is capable of cleaning or replacing the glass, I would be very grateful.

Glass Vase Needs Repair

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Beautiful heavy blown glass vase needs cracks repaired. One on each side. Vase is approximately 6” x 12”. Cracks go from near the bottom to the top.
The vase came from the Smithsonian many years ago.
Please contact David at 559-760-9199 or Albany area, will travel.

Bookbinding project

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I am looking for someone who can help me with a unique book project.  I want several (8-10) clear glass elongated tear drop pieces to form the spine element for the book. Would need to explain further.  Can provide a schematic drawing.  Email:  Phone: 525 8491 (H) – best, Mobile phone: 503 704 0666