small grinding job request -Portland, OR

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Im in Portland, OR, and I have a handblown large glass bottle/jug and I broke the top. I wonder if it can be saved and still usable by grinding away the broken part? Photo attached. Would you please let me know how much you’d charge for this? Also – (sorry) I need it done before the new year. Many thanks –


Rochester High School: In need of glass scraps for Mosaic Project.

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Hello PNW Glass Guild,

My name is Nolan Wagner. I teach Visual Art at Rochester High School. I am here to ask if there is an artist who would be willing to donate glass scraps for a mosaic project. While at the OPA and Guilds Showcase, I saw a beautiful mosaic by Kory Dollar, and it inspired me to try  to do a mosaic project with my students. Previously, I had a friend who talked about how much fun they had doing stained glass in HS, so I was looking for a good way to incorporate glass art into my curriculum.

I’m hoping to make mosaics with my Advanced Art class. I have 15 students, and I’m thinking our projects will be 8×10 inches. Is there anyone between the South Sound and Portland area(within 1.5 hours of Chehalis, WA) who can donate glass, or sell for a discounted price?

Contact Info: 360-880-6903,  (Email or text message will work)

Thank you for your consideration,

Nolan Wagner

Volunteer Opportunities on the Gathering of the Guilds LLC Board

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Lesley Kelly,, 503-816-3981.  Please see the information below on volunteer opportunities with the LLC that puts on the Gathering of the Guilds show each year.

Gathering of the Guilds LLC – Board openings for this year and 2025

The Gathering of the Guilds is a huge show with over 300 artists in 60,000 sq ft of space at the Oregon Convention Center.  This year’s show is April 19-21.  It is a high-end show with over 15,000 attendees each year.  To date, a small group of people have been running the show, but it is time for new blood.  This is a chance to play a key role in managing this impressive show.

What we need

  1. Image Manager– this is for the 5Gs and urgent we find someone quickly.  We have money in the budget for a stipend.  Last year’s image manager will explain the job in detail but the main requirement is the ability to edit artists’ photos of their work.
  2. Treasurer– need for 2025 that ideally, could work with me this year to learn.
  3. Secretary– I can keep this role this year if needed but again, taking this on for 2024 would help a lot and be a good to start building our 2025 board.
  4. Guild Representatives– We are good for this year but ideally current representatives would identify someone from their Guild to replace them when the time comes.

If interested or questions, contact your Guild representative or Roger Crooks


Background – The GOTG LLC was established in 2020 to run the show.  Prior to that, individual Guilds were the bank for the show which was not a good model.  The LLC is made up of a 10-person board, 4 non-voting core members and 6 voting members (one from each Guild).    The 4 core members run the LLC and the 6 voting members decide on issues.  A core member can also be a Guild representative.


What is needed

We have a full board for 2024 but we still could use some help for this year’s show.  We also need to identify the board for 2025.  As you can see from below, we need some new blood to learn the roles and responsibilities for putting on this huge show.

President – Tai Vautier has been the president since the LLC was formed.  If anyone is interested in the role, let us know.

VP – Dawn Panttaja has been the VP since the LLC was formed.  If anyone is interested in the role, let us know.

Secretary – Roger Crooks has been the Secretary since the LLC was formed. Would be great if someone would take on this role for 2024 and 2025. The job is fairly easy.  The secretary’s job is to publish the agenda for board meetings, conduct the meeting and publish the minutes. If anyone is interested in the role, let us know.

Treasurer – Roger Crooks will be the treasurer for 2024 but not for 2025.  We need this role identified for 2025 and ideally they would work with Roger for 2024 to learn the role.  Technically this is the most demanding role.

Image Manager – while not a board position, we need someone to manage the images of the artists’ works for use in promotional activities.  This is an urgent need for this year.  A stipend is available for this position.  Ability to edit and manipulate graphic files is required.

Lampshade modification?

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I have a stained glass lamp shade that was originally a hanging lamp.  I would like to place it on a floor lamp and am looking for someone that is able to convert it.  Can anyone assist?  Here are some photos.   Thank you!
Vancouver, WA

Need replacement glass for a piece of art

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I am trying to find someone who can make custom replacement glass for a piece of art. I have reached out to Bullseye Glass and local repair shops but haven’t been able to find someone to make a replacement. I am looking for 2″ diameter double domed glass that is 3/8″ high. I need three of them. I have tried to source them online (clock, and watch glass) but when the glass arrived it was too shallow to sit over the flower it needs to cover. Are there any glass workers in the Portland area that might be able to make custom replacements? I have attached an image of the domes that need to be recreated as a visual example. Thank you.


Glass repair or new fabrication

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I have this glass cap that goes to a chandelier and I was hoping somebody might be able to fix it or make a new one.

I’m in Beaverton, OR, so anywhere in the Portland metro area is preferred.

You can text me at 503-951-8510

Thank you!


Help wanted setting up four torch work space.

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We built a new workshop in Molalla OR. The gas and oxygen are in the room. We need help getting the gas to the workbench and hooking up the torches. We’re happy to pay for the work. We are really trying to find a person that’s familiar with glass artists torches. We have the torches and much of the materials needed for the work. Thanks for your consideration.

Experienced Mold Maker and Glass Casting Help Needed

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My name is Mason, I am an artist (oil painting mostly) in Portland, Oregon. I am looking for an experienced mold maker to help me make a mold and then cast (in glass) a wicker basket and several other components of a still life sculpture.

Please contact me through the contact page on my website:

or directly at

I would be happy to chat and provide more details to anyone who thinks they can effectively collaborate on this with me. Thanks so much!


Crarol Hall reverse glass pieces??

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I redid a home in Portland Oregon and saved 4 pieces I believe may be Carol’s art; three sconces and one chandelier.  They are lovely and I would appreciate if I could verify it is her art.  If not, some direction to keep sleuthing:)

Thank you. Kevin

Exciting Opportunities: Vancouver, WA Art & Music Festival Calls for Artists 🎨🎉

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We are thrilled to announce the inaugural Vancouver, WA Art & Music Festival taking place from August 4th to 6th, 2023, and we would like to extend an invitation to your talented members to participate in our four Calls for Art.
These exciting opportunities include:
  1. National Art Exhibit
  2. Regional Art Exhibit
  3. Art Vendor Booths
  4. Festival Poster Competition
Each call presents a unique chance for artists to gain exposure, showcase their work, and contribute to the vibrant artistic community in Vancouver.
We kindly ask that you share these opportunities with your members and encourage them to apply. Full details, guidelines, and submission forms can be found on our website at
Additionally, we are also seeking enthusiastic volunteers to help make this event a success. If any of your members are interested in volunteering, please have them contact Richard Britschgi  at for more information.
Thank you for your support in making the Vancouver, WA Art & Music Festival a success and helping us celebrate the incredible talent in our community.
Should you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to reach out to us at

Looking for an Artist – Glass Slump

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I’m looking for an artist to help me create a glass slump of my torso while pregnant.  I’m in Portland, Oregon, willing to do a little travel.

My mom had an artist friend who took a plaster cast of my mom’s torso while 8 months pregnant with me and created a “glass slump” from the piece by laying a sheet of glass over the mold in a kiln. I would love to recreate it for myself. Unfortunately, we’ve not been sccessful in contacting the original artist.

I have photos to share with someone who’s interested in the project. I’m capable of creating the original mold myself, but I’m unsure of the necessities of creating a mold that would be glass and kiln worthy for the final step, and of course would need somone who could execute the final steps!

Please text or email Ariel at 509.592.8690 or “Subject: GLASS SLUMP” will be sure to get my attention!

Thank you!

Looking for informal glass/tile mosaic groups interested in sharing time and skills

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I’m fairly new to creating tile/glass mosaic art and am looking for an informal group that meets to work on individual projects together. I’m thinking drop-in open studio, part social, part sharing of ideas, etc. Does anyone know of any groups in the Portland area and/or have any suggestions on where I might find a group?

Suzanne Bader
Portland, Oregon

Glass blowing hot shop in Spokane WA

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Hello, my name is Dan, I own a building in Spokane where I want to facilitate a hot shop for glass blowing.  I’m looking for someone that is interested in putting together and running a hot shop with the ultimate goal of promoting the art and teaching classes.

3038 East Trent Ave, Spokane,WA 99202

Stain glass repair

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I am looking for someone to repair this sentimental piece for me. I live in Salem, OR but can easily travel if necessary. Please let me know if you could do this work for me.

Lisa Wilson


Lamp repair

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Hi there. I am hoping someone could repair a pendant lamp. It fell on a stone floor and broke on the rounded side. . I am in the Portland area and hope someone would be close by to do this repair. My email is…Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much..