Looking for custom piece to be made, roughly 35″ x 22″

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Hello,  Looking for someone to make a piece for me, thinking perhaps abstract landscape, but open to design.  It will hang in a window opening.  The window has a frame down the middle which I’d like to try and camouflage (see attached photo).  I know this is asking a lot, but hoping to have it made by August 19th.  Not a deal breaker, though.  Would love a quote and help with design suggestions, as well as projected time line.  Thanks, all!  Tara rokacita@aol.com

Custom Work Desired

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I am seeking a Glass Artist to make an idea into reality. An Artist to roll-up and blow 1 of 2 pieces. And to skirt “Persian” the 2nd. The tiles are of Bullseye glass. Willing to travel. My contact:  ballard_dr@hotmail.com

Cake Top Repair Needed

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Hi … I am looking for someone to repair a glass cake top for my daughters wedding… please send me some contact info …. I live in Gresham/Corbett Oregon

I am not opposed to having someone glue it back together… I hear there is a special UV glass glue and light?? 

Thank you for your time and help

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best regards



Looking for a programmable kiln controller

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We are looking for a programmable digital controller in good working order for a 240 volt glass kiln. We live near Salem but are able to travel in Oregon and Washington to obtain one. Charlene Fort said she had just recently off loaded one to someone in Goldendale and maybe that one is available? Please call or text me at 503-349-7796. Thanks! Rose McBride rose.mcbride66@gmail.com

Help, In need of a fusing fixer

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  I am in need of an artist who can restore a fused glass sculpture (the artist is Frederick Heidel). I am not sure how to find a conservationist who can do this, and was told you could help. david mansoor 5039576005 DAVIDMANSOOR@GMAIL.COM

I need some glass flowers made for my Chandelier

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I need some glass flowers made for my Chandelier that were broken I have it sold and the buyer is anxious to get the chandeliers and I discovered that six of the flowers are broken out of 84 of them. I’ll probably need at least eight made if there’s anybody that can do it as soon as possible sooner the better. 503-771-0339   My email address is darthmatter@live.com 

Needing some stained glass

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Looking for donated stained glass in blues & greens for an outdoor installation at a Portland Head Start in N Portland.
please contact :lynkennison@gmail.com for more information or pick up
Lyn Kennison, President PNWglassguild

Need help replicating this

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I am looking for a glass cutter to replicate this chandelier bobeche from a blank. I have included images of the broken bobeche and blank. The original has 12 scallops and 12 thumbprints (olives) and 6 pin holes. Thanks in advance, Paul 503-593-3521pamato_us@yahoo.com Paul Amato