Bullseye Glass and Frit for Sale

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Hi, I’m selling about 15 jars of Bullseye frit, and about a dozen sheets of Bullseye glass. Use to do fused glass :D.

Contact David Graham @ 503 784-7406

Skutt Kiln for Sale

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Skutt Kiln GM1414 for Sale $1,500 with Lid lift Assist

GlassMaster Controller, Outside measures 48″x 37″ oval – inside 41.5″x 24.5″, Top and side firing elements, Comes with a 39″x 23″x 2″ fiberboard shelf and the standard 3 part mullite shelf provided with kiln, 8″kiln stand, peep window. Near Sandy / Portland,Or area.  Contact Judy Keen  judy@judykeen.com addition photos available upon request

Bullseye Billets/ Casting Molds/Frit Piston for Sale

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I have some miscellaneous glass fusing products I don’t need or want that I am selling. I have only used the frog mold a few times, and the piston once:

(1) Creative Paradise Frog Casting Mold LF211 Retail $39.95 Sale $20.00
(1) Blue Fire Ornament Mold Retail $15.95 Sale $5.00
(1) Creative Paradise Deer Icicle Mold LF191 Retail $34.89 Sale $15.00
(1) Bullseye Pyramid Casting Mold #8948 Retail $93.89 Sale $40.00
(1) Bullseye White Billet Model #0113-0065 Retail $61.40 Sale $25.00
(2.5) Bullseye Clear Billet Model #1101-0065 Retail $48.70 Each Sale $20.00 Each and $10.00 for the half billet.  
(1) Aanraku Frit Piston Retail Approximately $70.00 Sale $35.00

Total = $190.00 You may buy them individually, but if you buy them all together the price is a steal at $150.00 FIRM!

Please contact Suzanne Tyler at 503-332-7711 or at cookingsuz@yahoo.com


Nabertherm GF 190 Clamshell Kiln for sale

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Outstanding Like New Naberthem GF190 Glass Kiln – $3,500. In Aloha OR (western suburb of Portland)

I bought this Nabertherm GF 190 Glass Kiln from the original owner last December with a specific use in mind, but my plans have changed, so I’ve decided to let it go. It really is in like new condition. The original owner claimed to have fired it only a few times, and I’ve fired it exactly 8 times.

This is an extremely high quality kiln, very reliable and accurate, produced by Nabertherm, a German company that makes some of the best industrial glass kilns in the world, so this is not the typical hobby quality kiln you’ll come across. This kiln will last a lifetime. The GF190 is particularly suitable for fusing of glass. It features infrared heating elements in quartz tubes, mounted on the ceiling and light fiber insulation, ensures fast heat-up and cool-down rates and optimum fusing or slumping results. The quartz tubes prevent any direct contact with the heating coils so you can safely open the kiln during operation without the need to switch off the heating allowing for glass combing and other creative processes. There are no pins required to hold the heating elements in place so you don’t need to worry about them falling into your fused glass project and the fiber lined interior also means that there are no kiln bricks to drop particles in your glass.

The exterior dimensions are apx 59” x 34” including the controller, the handle and the wheel extensions on the back of the stand. With the lid open, it is about 38” deep. It includes a 38” x 18” fiber shelf that is supported on top of two 17 ½” square mullite shelves. The interior height is about 14″ with approximately 10″ clearance between the top of the shelf and the element tubes. The mullite shelves could be used alone if you prefer and that would give you about 2″ extra vertical clearance. I’ll also throw in an assortment of kiln furniture.

This kiln is large and heavy, but we were able to move it easily using an inexpensive U-Haul trailer with a ramp.
This kiln uses standard US 240v power. It does not require 3 phase power like some kilns of this size. According to the specifications it will draw up to 26.7 amps. It comes with a standard NEMA 6-30P plug for connection to a 240V, 30 amp outlet.

The controller is a 12 button, Bartlett RTC 1000 which is designed for the US market. You program it using Fahrenheit temperatures and the ramp rates are specified in degrees per hour. It will hold up to 6 programs with up to 32 segments each and will even calculate the cost of each firing for you.

• Dual shell stainless steel construction
• Heats up to 1742°F/950°C
• Infrared heating elements encased in quartz glass tubes for direct even heating of glass, short heat-up times and energy efficient operation
• Overhead heating for direct heat transfer to your project
• Hood insulation with special non-carcinogenic ceramic fiber for short heat-up and cool-down rates
• Solid-state power control relays for silent operation
• IR-Elements for quick heat up and low energy costs
• Ventilation ports in the lid for viewing, faster cooling and for evacuation of fumes.
• Fast power switching for precise temperature regulation
• Type “K” (NiCr-Ni) thermocouple inside the furnace chamber for precise temperature measurement
• Housing made of high-grade stainless steel and ventilated lid
• Attractive and professional design
• Gas springs counterbalance the lid weight for easy opening and closing.
• Adjustable quick-release locks to secure the hood during firing
• Large “cool-touch” handle for opening and closing the kiln
• Angled sight ports with plugs let you see the progress of your work and cool quickly
• Includes solid steel base frame with industrial swivel casters and stainless storage shelf

Contact Bob at bob@arttouch.com or 503-642-2368

Vintage three stage Henry G. Lange glass beveling machines to REHOME

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Hoping to find a school/ studio/ individual who may have interest in rehoming a set of vintage three stage Henry G. Lange glass beveling machines.


These machines have been in storage, and we are attempting to find them a new home other than the scrap yard. They are currently located in Gig Harbor, WA.


The machines would require 240v power with a converter to power their 3 phase motors. They would take up quite a bit of room in a studio space, dimensions are as follows:

Tri-Wheel: 38” wide, 44” long, 56” tall

Felt Buff Wheel: 30” wide, 54” long, 56” tall

Horizontal Roughing Wheel: 40” wide, 46” long, 40” tall

All dimensions are at widest points and do not include height of plywood bases/ casters currently attached for stability/ transportation.


Contact: Becky Mustoe


Cell: 253-961-5179, please leave a message with your contact info, text okay

Stained glass and supplies for sale

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We are selling all of our stained glass and supplies.

copper wire, solder, cutting fluid, copper foil, silicone max, glass cutter, pencil, black patina, stained glass flux, copper foil edge trim, lots of different colored stained glass of various sizes and cuts, wood divider for storage, etc.

too much to list; need to see beautiful glasses in person.

please note- there is lots of glass- hard to take all the pictures.

selling all of it together for $400 or best offer included all of the supplies.(not selling separately)

Pickup location: Bethany area, Portland

contact: tekoglumeral@hotmail.com


Needing Bullseye glass? Need to sell • your luck

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For cast work? I have 35 # ,  variety of colors also molds, and two books on glass working.  Check Bullseye prices. This is a bargain. All for $400 or best offer.

 I also have a beautiful piece of architectural glass. $50 or best offer.


salperin42@gmail. or 503 290 6805

SW Portland

Sorry I can’t seem to attach photos. If interested email me and I’ll send them.

Glass Studio (SOLD

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I am selling my glass studio . My mane is Terry I live near Portland Oregon  . My phone number is (503) 723-7749 leave message. $1200 takes all

1  Evenheat studio pro 14 with stand  its 110 volt

2  2 grinders a Glasspar and a new Ameritool

3  Hand made glass holder 30 to 60 jars frit lots of bullseye glass and tekta

4 many tools and supplies all one needs to start fusing

4  many tools and molds

Cast glass and molds for sale

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I have about 35 # of fine Bullseye casting glass: various colors and clear. I also have a number of molds. These were my husband’s and I want to sell them as he can no longer do glass.

I’m having a moving sale this weekend so you can come by then or call me after the sale to see if there is any left. Incidentally, everything I make will be donated to 3 charities. So come join me. Thanks.

Sale is at 7660 SW Miner Way, Friday, 9-4, Saturday, 9-4 but may close earlier due to weather, Sunday, 9-2 but again may close early, though I have A/C so you should be comfortable.

Sue Alperin, salperin42@gmail.com,  503 290 6805

For Sale: Nabertherm GF 240 Kiln and lots of BE Glass

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For Sale:Nabertherm GF 240 kiln: price reduced to $4500. Interior dimensions: 39.7″ L x 31.5″ x 15.75″ H in the bell.3 Phase/ 240 kiln. 30″ x 38″ batt shelf included with lots of kiln furniture for dams, plus part roll of papyrus, and a table top mount straight line glass cutter and some glass running pliers. The items are in Bend, OR. Purchaser is responsible for picking up or organizing shipping.

This is a great kiln and seriously good deal. Phone: 504-905-6254. Thanks!

Jayne Persico tools for sale

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Hard to find Jayne
Persico tools to make
glass bracelets:
Large and Small molds
to make cuff and/or
cane bracelets
Special graphite paddle
tongs used to shape the
Selling as a set $110 Contact Sharon Dunham dunhamsw@frontier.com

Moving Sale

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Lots of former hobby glass artist’s equipment and materials

Crystal Master Pro12 grinder, many slumping molds, cutters, noodles, stringers, various other equipment. Glass for slumping and casting. Also some molds for casting. All available to see and purchase May 14 and 15th. Call first please. I’m moving and may be in and out.

Sue 503 292 1831 or 503 290 6805.

I’m about 3 miles west of zoo; 1mile north of Raleigh Hills Fred Meyer.

Kiln for Sale

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I am downsizing in preparation to move……again!
I purchased this kiln several years ago, from a beloved friend who passed away. Before I purchased it, it was living at Aquila Art Group and was used to create glass pieces that found their way into Bullseye eMerge.
It has not been used or reassembled since I purchased it, but it has been moved three times. There is some minor brick damage but as far as I know, it works great. There is a pulley ‘system’ for the lid. In experienced hands, this kiln will make a great addition to a working glass studio.
Dimensions are as follows: exterior is 32 1/2” high, 56” long, 38” wide, including the lid handle.
Interior measures 32 1/2” high, 50” long and 32” wide. The rim is 3” wide all the way around.
These kilns are around $3000 new. It currently resides in Ocean Park Washington and is not assembled, so it is relatively easy to move.  I will include shelves. I am asking $900 obo as I have no additional information about it.
My email address is glassonawhim5@gmail.com and my phone number is (503) 320-4268.