Help wanted setting up four torch work space.

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We built a new workshop in Molalla OR. The gas and oxygen are in the room. We need help getting the gas to the workbench and hooking up the torches. We’re happy to pay for the work. We are really trying to find a person that’s familiar with glass artists torches. We have the torches and much of the materials needed for the work. Thanks for your consideration.

Revised Glass Studio Sale

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Revised Meltings Studio Sale: Thanks to the many folks that visited and purchased things in the last week and a half. The response has been amazing. But now, rather than disappoint people who come this weekend I will provide a more descriptive list of what I have left. Bring cash and I will deal! 

About 30# of COE90 glass rods of various colors – $10/#

Many stringers, some noodles and ribbon – $25/#

Many molds – priced at $20 – large,  $10 – medium, and $5 for small

Wire grid racks for wall mounting

3 – heavy duty grid rack/shelves, 2 are on casters

3- IKEA style wood racks with lots of wood shelves

Various chemicals and powders, 5# of shelf primer

Lost wax casting supplies

Lava cloth

screen printing supplies

Booth supplies:

2 LED light bars with 3 lamps on each bar

stands, racks, tablecloths, plastic tote tubs

2’ x4’x.5” fiber board

10” x 12” light box

beetle cutting grids and tools

Lots of various colors of vitro graph stringers

books and a bookshelf

3 – metal storage cabinets

Many 2’ x 2’ floor pads at $1 each

2 big buckets of Tekta frit

many tools, some circle cutters

3 – kiln shelves, largest is 22” x 22”

Big box of cabochons and a rack of jewelry bits and pieces

I’ll be open Saturday June 3 from 10AM-2PM and June 4 from 11AM-3PM at 6121 SW Orchid Drive, Portland, Oregon. Thanks for considering – Dan Stoneman  e-mail:


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ART SUPPLIES FOR SALE: Director’s chair folding chair, Storage shelf 5 bins 42”H X 21”L X 18”W

Table covering for shows for 2 ½’ X 4’ tables, Merchandise bags, Ribbon, Storage containers

Bottle cutting jigs and bottles, Metal stands -variety of sizes most are 18 ¾” X 12” and bases are 7” X 7”

Other metal stands all varieties, Carrying cases, Spare 10 X 10 White for canopy, Display stands

Plexiglas stands, Matt cutter, Driftwood, Yarn, Beads, Books, Old Windows without glass

Package set for Stained Glass, Diamond Star Grinder, Stained Glass Soldering Welder-Welle 100

Bullseye Glass sample stained glass Kit,Toolbox with cooper foil, lead brushes and more, Books

And Much More!

Mitzi Kugler

May 27th

Saturday 9 to 2

4970 Bonnet Dr.

West Linn 97068

Meltings Studio Sale

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Meltings Studio Sale: While I plan to do some fused glass work on an occasional basis in the future, Mary has just so much stuff that I will never use or need that should be put to good use. Thus this sale at bargain prices. Bring cash and I will deal! SOME items include; racks and shelving, many molds, lots of glass sheets, frits, dichro, iris, some spectrum 96, tools, circle cutters, dremel, glass cutters, stringers, noodles, lots of torch work glass rods, vitrograph stringers, shop vac, 2’x4’x.5” fiber board, roll of fiber paper, XL 3000 jig saw, GlasStar Grinder and extra bits. Also have craft booth supplies, grid table and grid baskets, bags, display shelves, lights, and stands. You get the idea. I don’t think you would go away disappointed. Reply by e-mail if you want to make an appointment to check it out. Otherwise I’ll be open Saturday June 3 from 10AM-2PM and Sunday June 4 from 11AM-3PM at 6121 SW Orchid Drive, Portland, Oregon. Thanks for considering – Dan Stoneman, e-mail:

Experienced Mold Maker and Glass Casting Help Needed

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My name is Mason, I am an artist (oil painting mostly) in Portland, Oregon. I am looking for an experienced mold maker to help me make a mold and then cast (in glass) a wicker basket and several other components of a still life sculpture.

Please contact me through the contact page on my website:

or directly at

I would be happy to chat and provide more details to anyone who thinks they can effectively collaborate on this with me. Thanks so much!


Crarol Hall reverse glass pieces??

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I redid a home in Portland Oregon and saved 4 pieces I believe may be Carol’s art; three sconces and one chandelier.  They are lovely and I would appreciate if I could verify it is her art.  If not, some direction to keep sleuthing:)

Thank you. Kevin

Glastar sandblaster system $650 CASH Inner SE Portland, OR

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Glastar sandblaster system in excellent condition.Cabinet work area  measures 33″ wide, 21″ deep and 18″ tall includes 2 worklights. Viewing glass is approx 11″ x 22″ and is easily replaced when needed. Dust collection vacuum is 110 volt, comes apart for dust collection disposal. Pressure pot operates at 40 PSI ,holds approximately 50 lbs blasting medium. Extra nozzles and 40lbs aluminum oxide blasting medium included.


Lot of Handmade Molds and Found Molds

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I was given a bunch of handmade slumping molds and stainless steel or other “found” molds which I have no use for. If you want to pick them up in Gresham, Oregon, you may have them. Pictures are examples of what I have. Hopefully someone can use them. First come, first get.

Contact Kathy Kollenburn, 503 – 661 – 3073 (landline so don’t text) or email me at wildflowerfusing @

Exciting Opportunities: Vancouver, WA Art & Music Festival Calls for Artists 🎨🎉

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We are thrilled to announce the inaugural Vancouver, WA Art & Music Festival taking place from August 4th to 6th, 2023, and we would like to extend an invitation to your talented members to participate in our four Calls for Art.
These exciting opportunities include:
  1. National Art Exhibit
  2. Regional Art Exhibit
  3. Art Vendor Booths
  4. Festival Poster Competition
Each call presents a unique chance for artists to gain exposure, showcase their work, and contribute to the vibrant artistic community in Vancouver.
We kindly ask that you share these opportunities with your members and encourage them to apply. Full details, guidelines, and submission forms can be found on our website at
Additionally, we are also seeking enthusiastic volunteers to help make this event a success. If any of your members are interested in volunteering, please have them contact Richard Britschgi  at for more information.
Thank you for your support in making the Vancouver, WA Art & Music Festival a success and helping us celebrate the incredible talent in our community.
Should you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to reach out to us at

Looking for an Artist – Glass Slump

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I’m looking for an artist to help me create a glass slump of my torso while pregnant.  I’m in Portland, Oregon, willing to do a little travel.

My mom had an artist friend who took a plaster cast of my mom’s torso while 8 months pregnant with me and created a “glass slump” from the piece by laying a sheet of glass over the mold in a kiln. I would love to recreate it for myself. Unfortunately, we’ve not been sccessful in contacting the original artist.

I have photos to share with someone who’s interested in the project. I’m capable of creating the original mold myself, but I’m unsure of the necessities of creating a mold that would be glass and kiln worthy for the final step, and of course would need somone who could execute the final steps!

Please text or email Ariel at 509.592.8690 or “Subject: GLASS SLUMP” will be sure to get my attention!

Thank you!

Only 2 weeks until the Vendor Fair!

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The Vendor Fair is nearly here and it’s going to be great!  Our fabulous Sponsors have donated over $2,500 worth of products.  We have sheet glass, glass clay kits, rod sampler kits, dichro sheet, dichro sticks, molds, hardwood stands, metal stands, vitrigraph and more!  

You’ll be able to purchase some of your favorite products and I know of a couple of products new to the market that will be for sale at the event.  Some of our Vendors also offer special discounts at the event, so you don’t want to miss out!

Vendors accept debit and credit cards. Prize tickets will be cash only sales.

We still need more people to sign up for some simple volunteer tasks.  You could sign in people as they arrive, sell prize tickets or stack tables at the end of the event.  If several more people will volunteer, no one needs to work more than about 1/2 hour to make this a great event for us all.

Please sign up for a task:

Please sign up for a pot luck item:

Hope to see you all there!

Vendor Fair – More Details

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We’ve got a great line up of Vendors and hoping to add a couple more. You’ll be able to purchase, art glass, dichroic glass, vitrigraph pots, hardwood stands, vitrigraph, cane and murini, and a new grinding tool made by one of our own members (and Sponsor).

Let’s not forget about the prizes! We have so many wonderful items donated by our fabulous Sponsors just for this event. I’ve already received a few boxes and more are on the way. You’ll be able to purchase tickets to win any one of these fabulous items: molds, art glass, hardwood stands, modeling glass starter kits, dichroic glass, vitirgraph and more!

All of the donated items will be displayed on tables with a container for you to drop 1/2 of your ticket to try to win that item. Drawings will happen throughout the event, but purchase your tickets early so you don’t miss out on any of the items. Tickets will be 2 for $1.00 and will be sold for CASH only.

There’s a lot going on during the event and only 2 of us on this project, so we need some volunteers for different tasks. Volunteers may be needed for up to 45 minutes, but you’ll definitely have plenty of time to shop and eat. Please click on this link and let us know how you can help:

Don’t forget to renew your membership before this member only event!

Teachers – Deadline March 31, 2023

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Our deadline for preparing the list of our teacher members is fast approaching. If you have not sent your information to Rae Williamson please do so before March 31. This is a wonderful opportunity to promote yourself and demonstrate the breath of talent in our Guild…you dont want to miss out.

In order to be included send your contact information including type of class(es) you offer, whether they are virtual, in person or both and your website address (if you have one) to Rae Williamson by March 31, 2023.

See you all at the show and don’t forget to tell your friends, family and colleagues about the show…its free to attend!!!



Looking for informal glass/tile mosaic groups interested in sharing time and skills

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I’m fairly new to creating tile/glass mosaic art and am looking for an informal group that meets to work on individual projects together. I’m thinking drop-in open studio, part social, part sharing of ideas, etc. Does anyone know of any groups in the Portland area and/or have any suggestions on where I might find a group?

Suzanne Bader
Portland, Oregon

Play Day: Copper Foil & Solder, Seattle

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Matt Seger, one of our newest members, suggested a copper foil and soldering Play Day. I volunteered my garage (near the Zoo in Seattle). Even if you usually just do fusing, knowing a bit about soldering can help you hang your pieces. If you’ve already done ordinary copper foil, have you tried doing overlays or incorporating seashells or sticks in a piece? Do you know the quick way to burnish foil onto glass globs?

I have space for up to 6 members. Are you interested? I’m trying to pick a date and time that work for the most folks: which of these 3 possible dates/times works best and which don’t work at all for you?
1) Sunday March 26th at 1pm
2) or Wednesday March 29th at 9:30 am
3) or Wednesday March 29th at 1pm?
phone or text me at 206-525-1577
Karen Seymour

Glass blowing hot shop in Spokane WA

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Hello, my name is Dan, I own a building in Spokane where I want to facilitate a hot shop for glass blowing.  I’m looking for someone that is interested in putting together and running a hot shop with the ultimate goal of promoting the art and teaching classes.

3038 East Trent Ave, Spokane,WA 99202

Troutdale Arts Festival

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Marlena Nielsen here. I am reaching out to alert artists that the Troutdale Arts Festival this year has moved to June 2,3 & 4 and is available to apply at Zapplication. The 2nd is optional, the 3rd and 4th are our regular Festival days. The deadline is April 1st. Entry fee is $35 and a 10′ X 10′ booth space is $200. We are really excited about the new venue as well as many other improvements including a new partnership with the City of Troutdale, increased advertising and a special Friday night Artist and Sponsor Reception that will kick off with music and a silent auction. Please see the website

Please ask about our demonstration booth when responding. Thank You! 503-867-2184. You can also contact or