June 27th: General Meeting

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Displaying Your Work: Stands, Supports, Hangers etc.

This Sunday June 27th from 2 pm to around 3:30 pm
Anyone can attend our General Meetings. Feel free to share the Zoom link with people you think might also be interested but please DON’T post it on public forums so we avoid attracting those who think breaking up a Zoom meeting is fun.

We’ve got some innovative artists promising to attend. For the Zoom info and the partial list of speakers see

You’re invited to show your solutions too. The show and tell style meeting is aimed at getting glass artists to think about their piece as a whole, including how to display it, and to inspire the group to share ideas of how to do that. Each artist will speak for a minute or two, take any questions and then we’ll move on. It will be recorded for Members to view later.