This page will be a listing of help resource posts that show members how to use their membership features. These posts can be short, self-contained posts and posts that link to videos or documents, similar to how the News&Info view shows the list of news posts. The search panel on the right will show category filters for Website Help categories, which will be based on what collateral is available but might include:

  • Profile
  • Account
  • Gallery
  • Privacy
  • Site Admin
    • Adding a News post
    • (adding other post types)
    • Adding a new Website Help item

To add a new Help item to the collection:

  1. Add a new Help post (a custom post_type).
  2. Give it a descriptive title.
  3. Insert a link to the file (unless the content is brief enough to cover within a post).
  4. Write a brief description of the item at the beginning of the post, or the entire content if it is short. You can include images, too.
  5. Optional: set a Featured Image using the Document tab in the settings panel to the right. The featured image doesn’t show on the post; it is used as the thumbnail for the post when it is being shown in a list view with other help posts.