April 19-21 2024, Oregon Convention Center, Portland

Friday April 19th, 10am to 7pm
Saturday April 20th, 10am to 6pm
Sunday April 21st, 10am to 4pm

Chairperson: Lesley Kelly

Read the rules below, you must be logged-in if you wish to register and buy a booth.
If you’ve read the rules and just now logged-in again you can jump down to the actual application steps

l) You must be a current member of the Guild to apply. If you are not a current member Join and pay before applying to the show. You need to be a member AND log-in to get this webpage to display the links to the artist registration form and booth purchase.

After March 15th, if booths are still available, there will be an additional $50 late registration fee added to the cost of your booth.

2) All the work in your booth should be your own design and primarily produced by you. Work you design but on which you do not do the further hands-on production is not acceptable.

3) All displayed merchandise must be glass art or glass art accessories. Accessories can be sold, but not displayed alone in the artist’s booth. Examples of accessories are stands, light kits, frames, and hangers.

4) Artists may display brochures for the places they teach, but preferably not in the most conspicuous part of their booth. Artists may hang signs within their space to advertise the artist and their work. The signs cannot advertise another entity such as a gallery which sells their work or a location where they teach. Remember, the goal of this show is to feature you, the artist, and your work!

5) No booth may display an image that contains a copyrighted image or copyrighted material unless the artist has documented permission available at the show.

6) We do not exclude artwork merely because some may find it controversial: see the PDF for the full statement on censorship. However, you are responsible for displaying your work in a way that it will not physically harm visitors: see Booth Materials and safety below.

7) The artist must be present in their booth essentially all the time unless they are part of a shared booth* or the group booth. In these cases the time can be broken into shifts where the artist is present in proportion to their share of the space. Booth sitters may be available to give you short breaks or you may call upon family and friends. No commercial representatives or agents are allowed. All exhibiting artists and assistants must wear name badges while on Oregon Convention Center property. You can get these at the PNWGG information table.

Booths can be shared with only 1 additional person. A pair of collaborating artists who work together to produce their glass art are considered as one person. Consider buying a space in the Group Booth if you want to be part of a multi-artist area and share work shifts.


PLEASE NOTE: the show be in Hall D at the Portland Convention Center. This is a much larger space than in previous years. It also has a different layout so we are only able to sell 10’x10′ booths this year. We are excited that we can have quads of 4 booths so we can offer more corners. This allows you to show off your work much better. If you want only half a 10×10 but do not have a friend to share with, please use the “half a 10×10” payment option and check “the please find me another person to share with” box on the registration form.

The cost of producing the show is rising dramatically. We are trying to keep booth fees as low as possible and still cover our costs. For the 2024 show, we have been informed that the cost of electricity will increase by 17%, so the Convention Center has asked us to strongly urge our artists use LED lights if they need lighting in order to offset the increase in costs. So please review your lighting requirements and make arrangements to bring only LED lights for the show.

Each two booths will share an electrical drop, and each booth will have off-white pipe and drape. The back drapes will be 8′ high and the side walls will be 3′ high. The group booth will have tables and lights provided for those who sign up for space in the Group Booth. All other vendors will need to supply their own tables, chairs, LED lights etc..(last year renting an 6’ table through the furniture supply company was $50 but at this time we have not seen a price list so the price may be a bit more than last year).

inline (no corner): $400
internal aisle corner $475
front aisle corner $500

Half a 10×10″
inline (no corner): $200
interior aisle corner: $237.50

Group Booth**
(table space plus lots of support)
$150 for half of a 6′ table
$300 for a FULL 6′ table

** The Group Booth

These spaces are shared tables – each artist gets one half of a 6’ table. Yes, you can buy 2 to get the whole table. Your display can go vertically but can not be attached to the back wall. The Guild provides:
• lights
• tables and a few chairs
• cashiers and common checkout
• wrapping materials
• shared time manning the booth

The group area requires a minimum of 10 participating artists. This is also where to put your work if you can’t be at the show but can volunteer pre-show (the old showcase or pedestal option).

Group booth artists share the time covering the booth and taking care of sales so you don’t have to be at your table at all times, but each group booth vendor will need to be helping in the Group Booth at least two hours each day of the show in order to participate.

All Group booth sales are taken on a common terminal through Square. You will be mailed a check after the show with the Square processing fee and your commission fee deducted. If you are interested in this, we recommend getting your application for the group booth in as early as possible.


The Gathering of the Guilds will have a Gallery area for all guild artists, as well as some pieces can be displayed in a gallery that the guilds will share with the Oregon Pottery association. Artists will have a pedestal or hanging door to display 1 additional special piece on a first-come-first served basis. Purchasers will be directed to your booth in the glass guild area to buy the piece. Sales from this area are made by the artist at their booth under the same commission as everything else in their booth. Additional information will be provided on displaying a piece in the galleries at a later date. Artists who are not in a booth (or the group booth) may not sell in the gallery area.


There is a commission charged on gross sales at the end of the show. This applies to all financial transactions at the show. Volunteer hours at the show can reduce your commission in most cases (yes, this volunteering can be done by your spouse or friend: they need to note that their hours are to be applied to your booth when they fill out the volunteer form).

Vendors working 0-3 hours of volunteer hours: 25%
Vendors working 4-11 hours: 18%
Vendors working 12 or more hours: 12%
Show Coordinators: 8%


You will get a link to the volunteer form once you pay for your booth. Fill it out and the volunteer coordinator will contact you shortly. If you don’t hear from someone or have further questions, the form at the bottom of the page will route your question to the correct person. It is each vendor’s responsibility to arrange their volunteer hours with the volunteer coordinator before April 3rd or they will be subject to the full 25% commission.


The Fire Marshal requires that booths contain only non-flammable or appropriately fireproofed materials. They are very strict about this. See the PDF for DIY fireproofing. Each vendor is responsible for customer safety in their booth. Booths must be stable and not overhang the aisles. Duct tape is not to be used to tape anything to any part of the Oregon convention center. Sign out the roll of Gaffer Tape from the load-in table to tape down your electric cords etc.

Outdoor canopy frames are not considered compatible with the look of the event but if your display requires one, please petition for an exception using the form at the bottom of this page or when you apply for your booth.


Acceptance to the show and the assignment of booths are, for the most part, on a first paid basis. We will do our best to accommodate everyone’s request for booth preference but are limited by our space constraints. Artists will be placed based upon the order in which their completed application and payment are received.


Location: Oregon Convention Center Exhibit Hall D at 777 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Portland OR
Artists will be assigned a time Wednesday, April 17th after 2 pm or Thursday, April 18th to load in. Load out will be only after 4pm Sunday April 21st and you need to be finished by 8pm See the PDF for more detailed info on OCC access and load-in/outs.


Parking is generally available in the OCC parking lot or in any number of parking lots around the OCC. There are also metered spots on the streets in the area. Unlike previous years the OCC is trying to encourage vendors parking in the lots under the convention center this year since Hall D is at the top of the elevators that come up from the underground parking lots. Go to www.oregoncc.org  for OCC directions and maps if needed. More information will come with your packet around March 31st.


Cancellations must be received in writing no later than March 15th to qualify for a full refund. From March 15th to March 30th, applicants may cancel in writing and receive a 50% refund. After March 30th, no refunds will be given.

If the show is cancelled for any reason beyond the control of PNWGG, the Committee shall determine and refund to the artist their appropriate share of the aggregate booth fee remaining after deducting for reasonable expenses incurred by PNWGG.


1) Read the rules above and the details of OCC regulations and load-in/out in the PDF
You will be asked to agree to these rules as part of filling out the form.

2) Login to be sure your membership is current or Join and pay for membership

You must be a current member at the time of application as well as at the time of the event to show your glass work in this event. You can see your renewal date in For Members>My Account>subscriptions tab after you log-in. If your membership has already expired, you will be prompted to renew. If it will lapse soon, renew now to save forgetting and losing your preferred space.

If you are not yet a member push “join” from the top menu. The $45 annual membership fee gets you many other benefits too. We recommend paying by credit card so you don’t need to wait a couple of weeks while we process your check before you can apply to the show and pay for your booth.

3) You must log-in to see the registration form link:

*Members, log in to view this info.*

Check that your computer doesn’t autofill the wrong information

When you see the “Thank you… ” just close your browser tab to avoid the obnoxious ad. We’re using the free version of Airtable.com database to manage the applications. After you submit your form there will be an ad for Airtable that we can’t remove unless the Guild pays a subscription fee.

4) Pay your booth fee (you must log-in to see the links to booths)

After March 15th, if booths are still available, there will be a $50 late registration fee added to the price.

Booths may not be re-sold or transferred. See refund policy above.

If you are sharing a 10×10 booth please coordinate with your partner so one, and only one, of you pays for it or each of you buys half a booth.

You must login to see the booth choices and buy a booth. Clicking the booth you want to buy in the grid below will allow you to put it in your cart and pay for it:

*Members, log in to view this info.*

5) Put some images of your work in the Members’ Gallery if you have not already done so. (Instructions) This isn’t actually required but we strongly encourage this extra publicity. In addition, please forward to our GOTG Social Media Coordinator Bonnie Moss and she can add your pictures to the galleries associated with the GOTG 2024 websites.

Artists who purchase their booth before January 30th should send no more than 4 images as soon as you sign up to Bonnie Moss at moss.bonniek@gmail.com for the show media campaign. This may get your images into the GOTG Organization’s massive advertising campaign. And it will give you 2 hours volunteer credit if emailed before January 30th.

6) Volunteer (it will decrease the % commission you owe). After paying for your booth fill out the volunteer form to choose the tasks you or your surrogate want. 12+ hours will cut your commission from 25% to 12%. NOTE: You must also get your cash out sheet initialed by the volunteer coordinator at the close of the show to claim a decreased commission %.

7) You will get an email about a week before the show with your booth assignment, load-in assignment etc. (look in your spam folder if you don’t see it by April 6th) Please read it. Print and sign the relevant release forms. Bring them with you when you come to pick up your badge during load-in.
We look forward to seeing you!

If you have questions, please use this form to contact the GOTG Team: