General Meeting SATURDAY, 3:30 Zoom

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Booth and Show Preparation Tips

This meeting is SATURDAY Jan. 21st, at 3:30 pm instead of the usual day so our Gathering of the Guilds* (GOTG) coordinator, Lesley Kelly, can attend and answer any questions about GOTG.

Besides GOTG there are lots of summer shows coming up. Artists who sell their work are invited attend the meeting to share what they’ve learned about applying, setting up a booth, and doing shows (remember back and think about the help you would have wanted when you first started). Newbies can help by bringing their questions. Log in and go to the event for the Zoom link and more info.

*Gathering of the Guilds will be April 28-30 in Portland. Find general event info here and registration/booth purchase info here or on a link from the Guild’s home page. If you are considering buying a booth please do it soon: Sales have been brisk on booth and almost 1/3 of the booths have been sold.
Volunteers are what make doing this event possible. Please fill out the volunteer form and come hang out with fellow glassies.