This list is organized north to south in each state/province, with east of the Cascades listed below the west side for WA and OR.

Color key for classes:
Blowing, Flame-working, Fusing/kiln-casting, Lead/Copper-foil, Mosaic/applique, Painting, Other

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S Joanie Schwartz (MoonWater Arts), Anacortes WA Fusing/kiln-casting

Athena Hornsby, Concrete WA (E of Mt. Vernon) Fusing/kiln-casting, Lead/Copper-foil, Mosaic/applique

Delores Taylor, Woodinville WA, Fusing/kiln-casting

S Angie Heinrich, Seattle WA, Mosaic/applique

Karen Seymour, Seattle WA, Fusing/kiln-casting, Lead/Copper-foil, Applique

David Smith (Blowing Sands), Seattle, WA, Blowing

Bridget Culligan, Seattle, WA Mosaic/applique

S NW Art Glass, Redmond WA (East of Seattle) Fusing/kiln-casting, Lead/Copper-foil, Mosaic/applique, Other

S Glass Expressions, Burien WA (South of Seattle), Flame-working, Fusing/kiln-casting, Lead/Copper-foil, Other

Fred Buxton, Keyport WA (near Poulsbo) Fusing/kiln-casting

Kirk Casey, Shelton WA (NW of Olympia), Fusing/kiln-casting

Ann Cavanaugh, Battle Ground WA (NE of Vancouver WA) Fusing/kiln-casting, Other

S Melt Glass Art Supply, Vancouver WA (near Portland OR) Fusing/kiln-casting, Lead/Copper-foil, Mosaic/applique

Shirley Bishop, Washougal WA (east of Vancouver WA) Fusing/kiln-casting, Mosaic/applique


S Marvelous Mosaic Fine Art, Deer Island OR, Fusing/kiln-casting, Mosaic/applique, Vitrigraph

Evan Burnette, Portland OR, Blowing

S Bullseye Glass Resource Center, Portland OR, Flame-working, Fusing/kiln-casting, Painting, Other

S Roses Glassworks Art Glass School Inc., Portland OR, Fusing/kiln-casting, Lead/Copper-foil, Mosaic/applique

S Carlyne Lynch, Wilsonville OR (SW Portland suburb), Flame-working, Fusing/kiln-casting, Vitrigraph, Other

Cheryl Chapman, La Pine OR Painting (reverse enamel)

Alaska, BC, Idaho, Montana, and Hawaii

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