General Meeting: Custom Work via Zoom

Tips for doing custom work/commissions without losing your shirt. Please contact our VP Rachel Dollar if you have experiences to share (having a speaker lineup in advance makes the meeting flow so much more smoothly). Log in to see the … Continued

PNWGG Board Meeting – October 2

Join us Monday, October 2, 2023, via Zoom for the PNWGG October Board Meeting AGENDA Sign in to view the Zoom Link

General Meeting: New Glass Techniques

New (to you) glass techniques…What glass techniques are you just learning about or want to learn more about? Tell Rachel Dollar our VP and she'll try to come up with someone who has done it. We'll also vote for next … Continued

General Meeting via Zoom: Kids’ Projects

Holiday projects for kids. Have you got a glass project that kids can do that you're willing to share? Please contact VP Rachel Dollar to tell her so. Meetings run so much smoother and are more interesting if you have … Continued