Play Day: Photographing Your Work

If like me you never get around to taking images of your latest work because setting up the lights and backdrops is such a pain. Let's do it together. Bring some of your work and your camera or cell phone. … Continued

Play Day in Seattle: Shape to Fuse

Shape without torches or traditional fusing molds A Play Day is a joint exploration of a topic, not a class. Experiment with Vitrigel (CMC), Aloe Vera Gel, Glastac, Flexiglass, freeze-fuse, make a silicone mold, discuss sand casting, and whatever else … Continued

Play Day: Glass table, Seattle

Glass applique is relaxing but a lot of repetition. Having friends over to talk with while you work makes it more fun, sort of like a quilting bee. I, Karen Seymour, will be working on a table all weekend and … Continued

Making Silicone Molds for F-n-F

Washougal WA (near Portland OR): Stephanie Johnson is organizing a play day in making silicone molds for freeze and fuse. This is a messy job at times but you know someone has to do it. We will explore 2D and … Continued

Play Day: Mold Making FULL

Curious about Mold Making? Join Linda Ethier in her Portland studio March 18, 1-4 PM for an afternoon of mold making. She’ll be sharing her many years experience in mold making including her favorite mold making technique, fiberglass shell molds.  … Continued

Play Day: Copper Foil & Solder

Matt Seger, one of our newest members, suggested a copper foil and soldering Play Day. I volunteered my garage (near the Zoo in Seattle). Even if you usually just do fusing, knowing a bit about soldering can help you hang … Continued

Play Day: Soldering Copper Foil & Lead Came

We're repeating the soldering Play Day at Karen Seymour's by the Zoo in Seattle. Even if you usually just do fusing, knowing a bit about soldering can help you hang your pieces. If you’ve already done ordinary copper foil, have … Continued