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Sgraffito Glass Powder Challenge

July 7 August 6 Pacific Time: Zoom

On July 7th we will start our challenge… this is a challenge with yourself to build your skills in working with black glass powder, not a competition with others. You will be creating imagery using a subtractive technique: light areas are created by scraping away the powder and dark areas are created by adding powder. Each day we will post a different subject matter for you to create on either white or french vanilla glass. Some exercises will be time driven and some will be restrictive on the tools you may use…all are to increase both your skills and the tools in your tool box. For example one assignment will be creating imagery with your non dominant hand, another one will be to create five different images with only five minutes for each creation.

In order to participate, you will ask to join the PNWGG 2024 Powder Challenge closed Facebook group. This challenge will be open to anyone who wishes to participate so feel free to invite your friends to be part of this journey.

If you didn’t attend the June General meeting you can still see Kelly Crosse Alge’s video at the bottom of her website home page modernancientglass.com for an advanced example of how effective this technique can be.

Each evening starting on July 7th the exercise to be completed for following day will be posted. You are encouraged to post the results of your work to create a wonderful collection of imagery that everyone can who is participating can refer to for sharing and learning. You do not need to fire each exercise but make sure you take a picture to post before dumping in readiness for the next day.

We will be checking in with those who sign up to do the challenge if they are not posting their work…in fairness to everyone else you are expected to participate and not just lurk.

Please only post as per the instructions you receive each day…there is lots of room for creativity so you will be amazed at the different ways the exercise gets interpreted which is very inspiring.

We look forward to having your participation in this fun, exciting journey over the course of the 30 days and when you reflect on your work you will be amazed at your progress…so lets get started and see you in the PNWGG 2024 Powder Challenge Facebook group…we can’t wait to get started…see you there!!!

If you have any questions, please contact either Greta Schneider or Rae Williamson