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Play Day: Glass table, Seattle

January 28, 2023 @ 9:30 am January 29, 2023 @ 5:00 pm Pacific Time: Seattle

Glass applique is relaxing but a lot of repetition. Having friends over to talk with while you work makes it more fun, sort of like a quilting bee. I, Karen Seymour, will be working on a table all weekend and you’re welcome to bring your similar project to my home near the zoo in Seattle. Join me for all or part of the weekend (drop in and out as you want/have time), but please let me know in advance. I have space for about 8 people.

Since this is a working atmosphere, not a class, you must already be able to cut glass with some proficiency. I and many other members teach glass cutting (Find a Teacher). I’ll have my grinders available and work-tables set up for cutting, masking, and gluing. You’ll need to grout the piece at your own home after the glue dries or come back in a couple of weeks and we can do it as a group.

Note that Play Days are member only events. Please join the Guild before attending

several of Karen Seymour’s glass applique tables on an available base

What you will need for appliqué, which is cut to shape as you would do for a window but edge-ground, glued, and grouted to a backing piece of glass instead of being leaded:
(I don’t do mosaic but those who do are welcome to work alongside us):

I) Your own glass cutting tools and eye-protection.

2) A piece of supporting glass or glass topped table: wood does not work well.
Thrift stores are great source of tables.
If you just want a piece of 1/4″ glass, try Ballard Re-use or a similar used building materials shop.
You can make your own legs from copper or iron pipe or I have a few folding leg sets for $49.
If you can’t find something, I can sell you glass or a small glass table so you can take part in the Play Day. You can see samples in the photos here or on my website.

3) 3 copies of a pattern, one of which is cut into pieces for tracing onto glass, one is taped to the underside of the glass and one is used to organize your pieces before gluing.
I can send you a PDF of a template to fit one of the common table shapes for you to draw on or even the PDF for a whole pattern if you want one of mine.
Count the number of pieces of glass in your design and expect to spend a minimum of 20 minutes per piece. If you want to finish by the end of the weekend, either don’t be too ambitious or cut some of your glass before coming.

more of Karen Seymour’s tables on available table bases

4) Glass. I don’t normally stock glass but if there is something specific you’re looking for let me know. Guild Sponsors like Glass Expressions (Burien WA), Melt (Vancouver WA), and Roses Glassworks (Portland) sell glass and give members a discount (log in to pnwglassguild.org before going to the About>Our Sponsors to see details of discount). You are also welcome to buy glass from my scrap bins as long as you return anything you don’t use.

5) Clear packing tape for masking. I’ll buy a bunch of rolls, bring your own if you want.

6) GE silicone II Window and Door caulk. Let me know in advance and I can do a group purchase: a 15″ table takes about a tube, a 20″ table often takes a bit more than that. It costs about $12 per tube at local hardware stores.

7) Grout once the glue dries. If anyone is interested I can buy a big bag of Delorean Gray from Home Depot and distribute small bags to split the cost. Please let me know in advance