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Cascadia Glass Adventure

August 22, 2021 @ 5:00 pm

Sunday August 22, 2021 – Sunday August 29, 2021. Arrive by 5pm – Class 9:30am – 6:30pm each day. $2000.00. Max 10 Students

Students will leave with: 2 completed landscape projects, a combing, yard art and a number of elements.

The experienced and versatile group of instructors will lead you through 6 1/2 days of a creative, immersive experience. The instructors have a variety of skills and years of working successfully as instructors together.

A variety of techniques will be framed by problem solving in your second landscape project. The techniques you learn will translate to future projects that you complete at home. Expect this process to change the way you approach your glass work.

This class will be a mixture of direct instruction, individual mentorship and open individual creative studio time. Day and night opportunities…even evening open studio time is available. The classroom is a well stocked and equipped learning environment.

Lunches, coffee, tea and snacks will be provided.


This course will be taught by 5 instructors:

Ann Cavanaugh – I have always had a passion for nature and an appreciation of color and texture. Over 40 years ago I was drawn to the depth and complexity that were possible using glass to translate the natural world. Since then, I have continuously learned, created and taught in the area of kiln formed glass with a focus on the natural world as landscape and abstract pieces. I create art display pieces as well as vessels.

I have benefited from having excellent and giving instructors and in turn I am committed to share and teach what I have learned. I view the learning environment as a collaborative problem solving partnership. anncavanaugh.com.

Kevin Kanyo – My adventure in glass began with glass cutting and plate making classes at Bullseye Glass back in the early 20s. My glass relationship intensified with the purchase of my first kiln in 2008. After four years of making jewelry, I needed a change and went to the Las Vegas Glass Expo to learn some new techniques to push me out of my jewelry box. One of the classes was on glass combing. My glass passion had a new direction along with a new kiln specifically designed for combing. I continued to attend classes at the Las Vegas Glass Expo yearly and explore combing by working with reactive glass and metals which resulted in me teaching reactive combing at the Las Vegas Glass Expo. I also joined up with two amazing glass artists, Ann Cavanaugh and Debbie Patana, and began to teach locally. My exploration of new techniques and my love of color, texture, and flow continues to evolve my work.

Debbie Patana – Debbie Patana fell in love with glass in the early 80’s, took a stained glass class and was hooked. She opened a retail glass store, Inspirations, in 1992 and has taught hundreds of classes in stained glass, fused glass, 3D sculpture, mosaics and installations. With the inspiration of color and texture, she has fabricated numerous commission pieces over the years for personal residences, churches and businesses. 

Vicki Green – I began as a stained glass artist over 35 years ago. I took a class at a local studio and was hooked. My glass artwork continually evolves and often expresses my interpretation of elements of nature, life experiences, and textiles. I find myself exploring gradient lines, shadows and depth which are attained through multiple processes and constant experimentation. My work consists of functional pieces for display and a collection of yard art.

Charlene Fort – The love of fire drew me to glass as a young child. For the last 20 years I’ve been exploring ways to express sights, sounds and even tastes into the medium of glass. I’ve taught blown glass, torch work and kiln formed classes. Adding elements from each of these techniques allows for pieces that previously could only be imagined to actually be executed by taking the hot pieces and incorporating them into the kiln formed piece. I will probably never tire of playing with this medium. www.morningsunstudio.org.