Mosaic Artist Dr. Helen Bodycomb

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At this special General meeting in May 2024 Australian artist, Dr. Helen Bodycomb, shared work and her new book, Mosaicism – Thinking in Mosaic

This was video was recorded with Dr. Bodycomb’s permission for the PNWGG. Please do not distribute. Members can log into see the video:

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Some Mosaic Vocabulary:
Andamento: It was borrowed from an Italian musical term and refers to the flow or movement of tesserae (the pieces) in a mosaic.
Tesserae: mosaic pieces that make up the project.
Movimento: movement that will direct the eye to explore the piece
Interstices: the empty space that gives shape and unity to the composition relating to its combined elements.
Keystoning: a cutting technique in which square or rectangle tesserae curves without leaving a large “V” gap on the outside of the curve.

  • Art is intuitive assemblage!
  • We need to review our materials: what they are, what the mean to us and why.
  • We need to let the materials guide us and not make our pieces fit a preconceived idea. The material will guide us.
  • The urge to create is biologically built into our being as humans.