Gathering of the Guilds 2024, April 19-21

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Booth sales are open now on the website for the show. You must be a current member to sell your work.

  • This year’s show and sale will be in Hall D of the Convention Center and will be in a much larger space, which will allow us to arrange our booths differently and so we have more booths with front line corners and aisle corners.
  • We have more room for Group Booth tables, so we can provide more opportunities for new and emerging artists.
  • Please check out all the information on the show on the event listing on the calendar Gathering of the Guilds – Pacific Northwest Glass Guild .
  • To sign up for a booth before they are all sold out, log in as a member, go to the homepage, then click on Registration Info in the GOTG article, and follow the instructions.
  • If you have questions, please contact Lesley Kelly.