Why do I volunteer?

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If you are thinking about how to get involved, Linda Gerrard’s article will help answer some of your questions…

I joined the Glass Guild about 10 years ago and have been the Sponsorship Director for nearly that entire time. From early on, I decided that I would attend the Board meetings as well as the general meetings that were held each month so I could see the organization from the inside out. We hadn’t had a Sponsorship Director for several years and I thought this was an area I could help out with. As Sponsorship Director, I not only brought in new sponsors, but I lead the team who did the Vendor Fair as well.

Additionally, I was also on the planning committee. There were around 8 of us who got together and tossed around ideas for the general meetings. Once we decided on a few topics for several monthly meetings, someone would volunteer to contact the Sponsor, potential Sponsor or member to see if they were interested in presenting to the group. Well, I have to say they nearly always said yes and this made for very interesting general meetings.

I was fortunate to be able to attend a Guild sponsored class where I gained so much knowledge about particular technique from an expert. When the Guild didn’t bring someone in for a couple years, I took it upon myself to contact one of my favorite artists and see if they would come to Portland to do a class. I did that for 3 or 4 years and all the participants were thrilled they could take these classes.

So, you’re probably wondering why I would volunteer to help out in so many areas. Well, after attending several meetings and seeing how generous everyone was to answer questions and help new fusers (which I was), I decided that I wanted to be contribute to this wonderful organization.

Have you heard the phrase “Many hands makes light work”? Have you experienced the kindness and giving of other members? Have you participated in a class sponsored by the Guild? Have you received a discount from a sponsor or participated in a sponsored activity like empty bowls? Did you attend one of the Vendor Fairs? What am I getting at? That’s easy, we need YOU to volunteer so the Guild can continue bringing these fabulous things to our members. None of the positions are hard to do and we have lots of people who are there to help out, so give it some thought. Where can you help out?