Which of these is You?

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Likes to meet new people: contact prospective members and members who have had trouble joining or renewing to resolve the issue (please contact Rae Williamson to join the membership team)

Likes to solve puzzles: figure out and document solutions to help other volunteers with the website (please contact Karen Seymour to join the website team).

Likes to teach: edit and improve the “Glass” section of the website (please contact Terry Thomas to join the education team).

Wants to be in the know: be the person who puts events up on the website and sends out the emails about them (please contact Stephanie Johnston to join the Communications Team).

Has a flare for presentations: edit the General Meeting and Play Day videos in YouTube before linking them to the education section of the website (please contact Terry Thomas to join the education team).

Seeks education: research and coordinate subsidized classes for members and help the VP set up General Meetings (please contact Terry Thomas to join the education team).

Runs meetings well: The Vice President organizes and runs the General Meetings and is part of the Education Team. We’ll be voting for a new Vice President in October. We’re also going to need a President and a Secretary (the currently serving volunteers have served the allowed maximum of 2 consecutive 1 year terms). Please contact the President about running for office.

Likes to sit back and watch: if you leave it to everyone else you risk losing all the benefits the Guild is trying to bring to its members: bargains in the classifieds, access to opportunities from subsidized classes to organized shows, discounts from sponsors, and all the networking and new glass-friends you won’t even know you missed.

We can train you to do any of these except the last item. You just need to be willing to give about 3 to 6 hours a month to our community in return. You’ll get so much more in return.