Website Tour: 5) “For Members” Menu

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We’re pausing our member benefits series to cover the website in detail so you know better know how to use this tool to further your glass experience.

When you go to and Log in “For Members” is added to the top menu. “Join” and “Login” disappear. You’ll see this drop-down:

I) Member Contacts List
When we invite you to reach out to new members in your area, or if you meet someone at a Play Day, Guild Picnic, or other event here’s where you can find their contact info.

2) Member News and Classifieds
This is an archive of recent Member News and Classified emails. You can quickly find that recent offer to sell a kiln or person looking for a repair.

3) My Profile: Set up what you display in the Members’ Gallery. Note that you need to turn it on in the privacy settings in “My account” for the public to see it.

4) My Account your account settings such as renewal date, list of payments, email preferences, turning on your Member’s Gallery display so the public can see your work etc.

5) Website Help: Here’s where “Welcome to the Guild” outlines how to take advantage of your benefits including guidance in setting up your Members Gallery display, how to access you Member Benefits, controlling what emails you get from the Guild and anything else that we find more than 1 person asking for help with. There are more detailed help posts here for volunteers who edit the website. If you have any suggestions for additions or corrections to the website help please contact Karen Seymour

6) Guild Documents: here’s where you find the Board Meeting minutes, the Policies and Procedures, and Officer Job Descriptions (the list of current officers is under About>The Guild as discussed in the January 2023 issue).

7) Log out: this is mostly used by volunteer editors who want to switch between what an editor sees and what the public sees. You should also use this after posting your profile to the Member’s Gallery to see if it shows up when you are not logged in. If not, you forgot to turn it on. Log in and see “Members’ Gallery: adding your work” under For Members>Website help for more info.

Tip: if you log-in first whenever you go to the website, you’ll be able to see more, especially in this case.

If you are not yet a member and therefore can’t Login we encourage you to join by pushing “Join” from the menu so you can take advantage of the many benefits (your dues help us pay for the software that runs the website).