Website Tour: 4) “About” Menu

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We’re pausing our member benefits series to cover the website in detail so you know better know how to use this tool to further your glass experience.

When you go to and choose “About” from the top menu you’ll see this drop-down:

l) Contact us

There are currently 5 tabs/forms for ways to contact Guild volunteers of various sorts:

Submit a Classified tab: Anyone can fill this out to ask/tell the membership something glass-related via email. Sell a kiln, look for someone to do custom work or repairs etc. We reserve the right to reject your request if we don’t think it is of interest to the majority of members.

Submit Your Event tab: Members can log in and fill out the form to add your glass-related event to the calendar (if you don’t see the form you are not logged-in). A volunteer will add the event within a few days.

Get Zoom Link tab: If there’s a meeting you want to attend and you’d like us to email you the Zoom link because you can’t find it/can’t log-in to see it on the event’s page.

Report Tech Issue tab: Use this to contact the web-help volunteers about a website-related problem.

Anything Else tab: fill out the form and we’ll try our best to route your message to the correct person.

2) The Guild: Our Mission and Goals and 3 tabs leading to Guild History, a list of Current Board Members, and the Volunteer Teams without whose efforts there would be no Guild. Please contact a team lead if you can volunteer a bit of time to help in some way.

3) Member Benefits: a list of reasons to join the Guild

4) Our Sponsors: The list of businesses who have supported the Guild in some way. If you’re logged-in you can see the benefit, often a discount code, that a specific sponsor gives to our members.

5) Info for Sponsors: information about becoming a sponsor and why you might want to.

Tip: if you log-in first whenever you go to the website, you’ll be able to see more.

If you are not yet a member and therefore can’t Login we encourage you to join by pushing “Join” from the menu so you can take advantage of the many benefits (your dues help us pay for the software that runs the website).