Website Tour: 3) News & Events Menu

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We’re pausing our member benefits series to cover the website in detail so you know better know how to use this tool to further your glass experience.

When you go to and choose “News and Events” from the top menu you’ll see this drop-down:

I) Public News is the record of the Tuesday emails sent to the whole mailing list, both members and those who choose to subscribe to the Public emails when they subscribe to the newsletter.

If you can’t find that email you got last Tuesday about an art show or meeting or something, look here.

2) the Newsletter is the current issue. You’re probably reading it right now. On a large screen you can get the current issue from the top of the right hand column of most pages but getting it from the top menu is probably easier for those on a cell phone.

In the right-hand column there’s an index to articles by date and type. If you want to read all the Member benefits at once or look through the featured artists, here’s the place to click.

3) Events Calendar

Upcoming events are also listed on the bottom of most pages with a “view Calendar” to get to the calendar page you see here. The top of this page tells you what the color codes on the listings mean

The right side bar allows you to sort for specific event types in both past and future.

One of the member benefits is to add your events to the Guild Calendar: log in, go to About>Contact us, click the Submit Your Event tab and fill out the form (if you don’t see the form you are not logged-in). A volunteer will add the event within a few days.

Tip: if you log-in first whenever you go to the website, you’ll be able to see more.

If you are not yet a member and therefore can’t Login we encourage you to join by pushing “Join” from the menu so you can take advantage of the many benefits (your dues help us pay for the software that runs the website).