Vendor Fair in Redmond WA was lots of fun!

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Sponsor NW Art Glass hosted our first Seattle/Redmond Area Vendor Fair. We had 17 people show up despite the challenging traffic (construction closure and President Biden in town closed both bridges from Seattle for a while) and the gorgeous 83 degree weather. They all brought food to share so were were well fed. Gerald McBride, The Last Stand and Diamonds Grind Glass, was our only actual vendor but several members who teach put out information about their classes.

The Silent Auction raised about $450 (this will help cover part of the cost of a necessary upgrade to the website currently underway). Donations came from sponsor CBS Dichroic, sponsor Rose and Gerald McBride (The Last Stand and Diamonds Grind Glass), sponsor Zetamari, member David Smith of Blowing Sands, sponsor Glass Expressions, Michael Dupille, member Karen Seymour, member Kathy Johnson, member Jean Schaffer, and member Athena Hornsby. And sponsor NW Art Glass donated their comfortable classroom space.

Rose McBride studies Gerald McBride’s wooden stand display while everyone else bids on the silent auction donations.

We had some great demos:

Jim Mathews ( showed some inexpensive and functional equipment for finishing drop vessels

Sponsor Gerald MacBride, Diamonds Grind Glass, demonstrated his battery driven grinder which has water at the tip so you don’t have to work underwater

Karen Seymour talked about how to achieve your desired texture by choosing the right peak fusing temperature.

Lael Bennett listened to a question after describing some of her reactive glass experiments.

Michael Dupille made a mold from Castalot and described how to use his durable casting and slumping product ( sponsor NW Art Glass also sells it)

Stephanie Johnston showed how to make silicone molds easier to use by adding color and opacity

Many thanks to all who participated. We hope to see even more of you next spring.

Portland/Vancouver Area Vendor Fair Organizer Needed

We discovered our vendors generally need to know the Vendor Fair date and location many months in advance in order to make plans to participate. Without someone actively organizing the event at this point the Board decided to postpone the Portland/Vancouver Vendor Fair until 2025 and we are considering basing it in Vancouver to begin alternating with Portland. If you want to be sure this fun event happens next year please volunteer to begin leading the Vendor Fair organizing effort and contacting vendors and sponsors as soon as we have a date and location set. Email Sponsorship Team Lead Stephanie Johnston for info to get started.