President’s Message

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Hello fellow glass artists!

It doesn’t seem possible it has been a year since Covid-19 started. We are still doing our board and general meetings online. Because we have many new members that live outside of the Portland area, we will continue to be online for these meetings as well as Play Days. Our next General Meeting will be exploring the use of Flexi-Glass on March 21st from 4-6PM. Mark your calendars and join us. Check the Event Calendar (under News and Events) for other meetings and Play Days being set up.

Our new website has launched. We will have gallery space for every member to have 9 photos of their work for people to see and buy through you. Please check out the guide on how to download and place/size your photos on the website.

Our name Oregon Glass Guild has changed to Pacific NW Glass Guild with the new website.
Stay well and keep on creating glass pieces.
Lyn Kennison,
President Pacific NW Glass Guild