Presidents Message – May

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Terry Thomas

Welcome to Spring, here’s hoping the weather catches up to the season soon. It is great to see more in-person events available regionally. I hope everyone had great success at the Gathering of the Guilds in Portland, OR and Art in Bloom in Seattle, WA and other events that you have participated in over the last month.

Speaking of great glass events, be sure to check out the Glass Art Society annual conference “Between Here and There” in Tacoma, WA as they celebrate 50 years as a glass society. Check out the lineup of events they have planned over the four-day conference. Last day to register on-line for full conference is May 13, 2022, so check it out today.

The PNW Glass Guild is in the planning process for summer events, which may include in-person, regional picnics. Be sure to check out the event calendar as the events are finalized, in the meantime if you have recommendations or ideas drop me a note at with your feedback.

Shards of glass can cut and wound or magnify a vision.” –Terry Tempest Williams