President’s Message

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President’s Message – September 2023
Welcome to Fall, I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler temperatures that this season brings us. Fall is one of my favorite seasons because of the great colors. I hope you are creating some great art for the upcoming Open Studio tours in Seattle and Portland. If you are not sharing your work at one of the many stops, please take time to say HI to those that will be.

Sorry that I need to repeat this plea from my last newsletter messages, but PNWGG is still in need of member volunteers for our upcoming year’s leadership team.

A plea from the leadership of the Guild, WE NEED YOU! We are recruiting for the next group of leaders to move the Pacific Northwest Glass Guild forward and build on our past success. Two of our team leaders have announced their intention to step away after their current term is over. They are Membership and Sponsorship team leaders. The time to step up and volunteer has never been better, so you can learn from them over the next few months. Please reach out to any of our current board members or me at any time for more details on how you can help us deliver great programs.

“Volunteer! Start Where You Are. Use What You Have. Do What You Can.” ~~Arthur Ashe