Play Days: Having Fun Together

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Greta Schneider: “Several of us had a wonderful time getting together in person recently for a Play Day at Shirley Bishop’s home to learn about making silicone molds for Freeze’n’Fuse from Stephanie Johnston. I would say we made a bit of a mess at times and it was pretty funny and some of us actually made some molds but it was fun either way and it was still a learning experience. We arrived with various kinds of silicone and liquid soap. We learned the molds work best with 100% clear silicone, COLD water and very soapy soap!I would say we would all highly recommend Play Days for both the camaraderie and the lessons learned. It is also a great way to make new friends and welcome new members to the glass guild! Thanks to Shirley and Stephanie for the lovely time.”

Some finished molds (Stephanie Johnston)

Shirley Bishop couldn’t wait to try her new molds for Freeze & Fuse. The unmolded powder pieces are on the left side (except for the stars which are commercial molds) just out of the mold and ready to go into the kiln. In the next photo they are fired. Shirley wrote “The fish was curved so it broke in 1/2 when it flattened. The starfish legs are not deep enough so they all separated. The ones in the right are the candy molds. I’m surprised the green succulent broke like that

If you want more info here is a video on silicone mold making and one on freeze & fuse and there are more available on YouTube. Give it a try and invite your glass friends.

You’ll notice another Play Day coming up in Portland on Fiberglass Mold Making (there are no spaces left and they have a waiting list). Thanks to Margie Reiff and Linda Ethier for organizing it and to Linda Ethier for hosting.

Think about hosting a Play Day in your area and make new glass friends. We’ve added a list of suggested topics under the Glass menu>Play Days. Log in and fill out the “submit calendar event” form (it’s under About>contact us). If you have difficulty with the form please contact Karen Seymour

Note that Play Days are member only events: Please Join the Guild before attending.