Featured Artist: Bridget Culligan, Seattle

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Who am I? I am a glass artist.

What drives me? Passion. Lifelong learning. No matter what you think you know, glass is in charge and continues to engage, challenge, and inspire me. From the first time I saw a hand-blown vessel, I was hooked on the liveliness of the color. I eat up the challenge. I am a person who wants to win and when an opportunity arises I am likely to say, “Well, I’ve never done that before, but YES, I can do it”, and then I find a way.

When working out a custom design I start with the intention of communicating an emotion with such power and clarity that my client can actually feel the same thing. This is miraculous! We can never be sure of course if it is the SAME feeling, but that is my goal.

How can I grow as an artist? I grow my skills through community. I have found my tribe and we geek out about all things stained glass. My community is my greatest resource. I am an apprentice learning an ancient craft from master craftsmen. From my first teacher who has been “doing stuff” for 40+ years to the wonder of watching Jim at Fremont Antique Glass, to attending conferences with SGAA [Stained Glass Association of America] and GAS [Glass Art Society], to collecting a library of books, I want to know it deeply. I am grateful to others who have been so generous with me regarding their time, experience and resources. Without them I don’t exist.

Who am I? A woman, an elder, and an explorer who is filled with curiosity and who is filling my basket with wisdom. I am a glass artist, one among a chosen, a lucky few (like you) and aren’t we blessed!

Bridget Culligan

Featured Artists:

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Jane Godfrey and Sondra Radcliffe, Portland

Jane Godfrey and Sondra Radcliffe,
Jane is a former president of the Oregon Glass Guild.

We established Ambiente Art Glass almost 50 years ago. This is hard to believe because it seems like yesterday that we fell in love with glass. Our journey began in Cleveland Ohio where we built a solid business, owned 2 galleries, and did considerable commission work. We specialize in unique hand crafted fused and stained glass, and always find the glass process to be totally inspiring. It is an ever-evolving art form that invites new learning on a daily basis. We love it.

Fourteen years ago, after much thought, we left our beloved Cleveland life to move our well-established glass studio to Portland, Oregon to be closer to family and grandchildren. This move has been both personally and artistically challenging and rewarding as we have ventured out of our comfort zone to begin again. We still have deep roots and artistic ties to Cleveland but have also been enriched and nurtured by our family and the expansive Northwest.

In our work we are inspired by the beauty and the changing moods of the natural environment. All the arts, especially music, dance, poetry and our own photography, impact our creativity. The angst, depth, joys and blessings of life experiences also find expression in our work. We are moved by the regenerative and meditative quality of the creative process and the magical illumination of glass as it changes with the shifting light of each day and season.

As artists we are known for our sensitive use of color and texture, for fluid unusual designs, and excellent craftsmanship. During different periods of our lives we have maintained parallel careers; Sondra as an expressive arts therapist, and Jane as a psychotherapist. This has deepened our own artistic creativity and expanded our understanding of the healing potential of glass and the transforming effects of the art process itself.

This piece is 6 ft tall

[both in their 80s, they are currently working on two 120″x30″ stained glass panels for a client in Idaho]

President’s Message

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Summer is upon us, and I hope that everyone has been able to get outside and enjoy time with their favorite outdoor activities. During a recent vacation I had the opportunity to visit a fantastic garden and some new beach areas for me. It was a great reminder that nature’s beauty is all around us and we should be inspired to create art that features our corner of the United States and all its beauty.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get together at one of our upcoming in-person picnics. It is a great opportunity to see fellow glass artists and catch up on what they are working on. Thanks to our generous hosts for opening their doors for these events, we wouldn’t be able to do so without their hospitality. Check out the dates and locations:

Battle Ground WA (near Portland) picnic:
Sunday August 6th, noon to 4 pm (NOTE CHANGES)

Seattle WA picnic: Sunday August 13th at 11 am

and RSVP today!

Sorry that I need to repeat this plea from my last newsletter message, but PNWGG is still in need of member volunteers for our upcoming year’s leadership team. A plea from the leadership of the Guild, WE NEED YOU! We are recruiting for the next group of leaders to move the Pacific Northwest Glass Guild forward and build on our past success. Our Sponsorship team lead has announced their intention to step away after their current term is over. The time to step up and volunteer has never been better, so you can learn from them over the next few months. Please reach out to any of our current board members or me at president@pnwglassguild.org anytime for more details on how you can assist us deliver great programs.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” ~~Scott Adams

2023 Board of Directors

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The 2023 PNWGG Board of Directors are:

  • President – Terry Thomas (need a candidate for 2024)
  • Vice President – Rachel Dollar (need a candidate for 2024)
  • Secretary – Haley Wigent (need a candidate for 2024)
  • Co-Treasurers – Linda Roman and Kate Nicklos
  • Sponsorship Chair – Linda Gerrard (need a candidate for 2024)
  • Membership Chair – Rae Williamson
  • Newsletter Chair – Greta Schneider
  • Communications Chair – Stephanie Johnston
  • Website Chair – Karen Seymour

A special thank you to Jennifer Hart who has volunteered to shadow Rachel Dollar during 2023. We are looking for other members to shadow board members in the upcoming year. This will aid in a smoother transition as new board members step up in the future. It also gives you a chance to see behind the scenes and what it takes to keep the Guild engaging and relevant in your glass journey. Reach out to Terry Thomas (president@pnwglassguild.org) to volunteer or if you have any questions.

Welcome to our Newest Members

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Please take time to reach out and connect…even if you don’t live in the same area. The wonders of technology bring us all just a few clicks away. Members can find contact info for these folks and other members if you log in to pnwglassguild.org and go to “For Members” (which only appears when logged in) and choose Member Contacts List.

Joseph Andrich, Warrenton OR
Chris Badalian, Beaverton OR
Judy Buffo, Portland OR
John Groth, Hillsboro OR
Robin McQuiston, Bend OR

Editors’ Spotlight: The Glass Guru, Inc, part 3

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Bob Thompson

and His Fabulous Glass from Around the World

Bob is not only a member of our guild…..but spent most of his life working with incredible glass products from all over the world that were used in mostly architectural projects. He lives in Portland OR and has also been a longtime supporter of our guild plus done classes with and purchased glass art from many of our members. He is sharing some of his unique history with glass here. This last section will show his more recent innovative use of mostly non fusible glass using special UV glues. (Note from Greta: I had seen some clear holographic glass out in the garden area at OHSU years ago and always wondered about it, It was so pretty and unusual….and it turned out to be one of Bob’s holographic products! Mystery solved!)

Bob Thompson, our Glass Guru

The photos in this section show some of the many creative examples of Bob’s glasswork using UV glues rather than kiln work and also include examples of the glass sheets with colorful holographic patterns between layers.

Even though I considered Portland to have the ‘Mother Lode’ of decorative glass in the country, only about 5% of the business came from the local area, while the majority was distributed to projects in the major cities and design centers around the country, Canada and Hawaii. An office building in Chicago was clad in Asahi glass that looked like a light gray, mottled marble, a house in Hawaii that had a hexagonal glass floor over a stream, underneath a hexagonal glass table, underneath a hexagonal glass skylight where you could watch the lychee nuts fall from the trees overhead.

“We had to laminate some clear glass to Spectrum ‘Amber Streaky’ glass to use in the overhead, surrounding valences in the U.S. Embassy in Turkey and Dan Crow was nice enough to coat some Spectrum ‘Waterglass’ in cyan dichroic for a ‘knock-your-eyes-out’ NIKE display in one of their stores in California. I also had to edge glue two pieces of a wild, psychedelic Spectrum ‘Iridescent’ glass together in order to fit into a large, back-lit display window in the Nyssa Winery in Dundee. The wife, who selected the glass, had attended the Woodstock Music Festival.

In total, working with some of the largest and most creative architects and designers in the country has been a fascinating, challenging, exciting and satisfying experience. It allowed me to write the ‘Interior Glass’ section in the ‘Interiors Graphic Standards’, published by John Wiley and Sons, the ‘Bible’ for Interior Designers and architects throughout the country. It was also a privilege to pass on some of this knowledge and dazzle the students in Joanne Thomas’s Interior Design class at PSU. It was a chance to show them many examples of glass that they would never have known existed.

In between doing everyone else’s glass projects, some 2230 at last count, I had the pleasure of dabbling in the artistic branch of the amazing material with infinite creative possibilities… glass. I was fortunate enough to be able to take classes from Linda Ethier, Morgan Madison, Gil Reynolds, Michael Dupille, the wonderful frit artist in the Seattle area at Northwest Art Glass and many at Bullseye Glass.

For many years, Gil ran the annual Hot Glass Horizons, a four day get together glass extravaganza featuring exceptional classes from the leading masters of the craft from all over the country. It was one of the best, most educational gatherings for those interested in all the different facets of the glass spectrum and offered a smorgasbord of opportunities to try so many different techniques. Every class led to an adrenaline rush to try this new and exciting adventure in glass. It also encouraged me to buy a kiln, never used and finally sold, lots of Bullseye glass and frit given away, tools that remain a mystery and boxes of molds still in pristine, unused condition.

One of the most memorable Hot Glass Horizons was in 2005 when we went to Corning, NY to see the fabulous Corning Glass Museum and the Steuben Glass Studio. You can walk from one end of Main Street to the other in about 20 minutes, but it could take days to absorb all that is in the museum. I recommend this pilgrimage to any serious glass artist sometime in their lifetime. Another wonderful opportunity was a visit to Murano, Italy to see glass at the birthplace of extraordinary glass.

After many years of glorious explorations and class exercises of limited and questionable success, I realized that time was getting short and my chances of achieving even a speck of Ann Cavanaugh expertise were getting dimmer and further from reality. I had been using UV adhesives in some of the commercial projects and liked the way it allowed me to work in three dimensions ( a definite attraction for an architect), plus, I wasn’t constrained by the limitations of COE’s and vague compatibilities, unfathomable kiln schedules, mold preps and high-priced glass. I was free to use all my textured glass scraps, anybody’s frit, cut up wine bottles, treasures from the Thrift Shop, nuggets from Michael’s and virtually anything made of glass.

It allowed the combination of fused and glued items, millefiori, beads and, with the addition of other adhesives on the market, rocks, metal and anything my fertile brain thought might artistically come together. It allowed the flexibility to do things on the work bench or dining room table at all hours of the day and night and to tap into the vast collection of flotsam and other memorabilia resources accumulated over a lifetime.

I embrace the ‘recycle and collage’ approach that allows the use of all those things we latch on to that we think would be ‘just perfect’ for that special project that resides somewhere in the dim, distant future. Over the years, I have saved up files and files of design ideas and sketches that pop into my head, periodically channeled from those creative spirits in the Universe for my use in the next multiple lifetimes. It has been a fascinating and infinitely interesting journey. The exposure to the miracle of glass will transform your life. –Bob Thompson

Open Studios is Sept. 30 – Oct. 1

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Save the date: Meet accomplished glass artists and see their work in various studios throughout the greater Portland Oregon/Vancouver Washington area. 11:00 am to 5:00 pm both days. In mid-September look for a map and artist list on the Event Listing on the PNWGlassGuild.org calendar which is under News & Events.

Composite of Carlyne Lynch‘s studio in 2022 where she hosted 2 guest artists (Rose McBride and Greta Schneider)

Show off your studio, talk glass and sell your work

Studio tours are fun and you get to talk glass in person again. Having some sort of demo helps you tell your story. Visitors are much more interested in your process than at the usual art show and often more likely to buy something.

Members should see Registration information if you wish to be part of this tour either at your own studio or as a guest at someone else’s studio. Registration deadline is August 29th.

Guest Artists Welcome: This year we’ve changed to a $75 site fee paid only by the host who then collects what they consider a fair share of expenses from each of their guest artists. Having multiple artists per site allows visitors to see more artists per mile driven.

People touring a glass studio.
Visitors to Richard Glenn’s studio in 2022

Volunteers Needed

Linda Gerrard and Carlyne Lynch have volunteered to organize this event, but we need help in a few areas and are hoping some of you will step up to help make this a great event.


Please let Linda Gerrard know which of the positions you can do:

1) Sign pick-up and drop-off point: Pick which county you are in: Clark, Washington, Multnomah, Clackamas, Columbia
Signs will also be available for pick-up at the August 6th Guild picnic in Battle Ground, WA

2) Pick up signs from our storage unit and distribute them to the county volunteers. Reverse the process after the tour.

3) Social media advertising (what can YOU do: Facebook, Instagram …)

Get an extra bit of publicity and help the Guild. Tour artists who take on one of the volunteer tasks get chosen first to have their art on the flyer.

Linda Gerrard shows visitors her work area during Open Studios 2022
Mitzi Kugler’s studio during Open Studios 2022

General Meetings: Usually 4th Sunday 3:30 pm via Zoom

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The June General Meeting Discussed Glass in Public:

The 3 main speakers talked about some of the issues involved with public installations, including dealing with insurance, the sheer size of such jobs, the number of entities involved and the paperwork. We thank them and all who participated.

Rachel Dollar talked about several of Marvelous Mosaic’s larger installations including the Dukes Family Winery in Amity OR (above) and the Redmond OR City Hall.

Nancy Keating has a huge mosaic installation in Carmel, Indiana. she talked about the many entities involved in the project. Here’s the video.

Michael Dupille, installing his Blue Ribbon Livin’ fused glass panels at Valley K-8 School.

Michael Dupille discussed some of his installations in schools. His glue of choice is Dow Silicone 732 or 733.

He also mentioned the reinstall he and Mauricio Robalino were working on: Someone smashed almost all of the original medallions. Repair was being covered by insurance. Working with the insurance company was going smoothly. Michael stressed the importance of being properly insured in the glass business, especially at all stages of a public installation.

Those at the meeting will be interested in seeing the photo of one of the now protected pieces after installation because Michael could only verbally describe the design of the gridwork. You can see the work along the Yesler Terrace Hillclimb in Seattle.

The meeting was recorded and will eventually be posted in the Glass>Education section (We’d love to have a volunteer to edit and post General Meeting videos, contact the President)

Mauricio Robalino’s medallions before he and Michael Dupille installed them on the Yesler Hillclimb in Seattle
One of the medallions with protective grid after installation

July & August: Guild Picnics instead of General Meetings:

(Guild meetings resume in September via Zoom so it’s easy to get to them as the afternoons get dark and the weather turns: just turn on your computer or cell phone)

The Guild Picnic in July at the McBride’s: L to R, Margie Reiff, Lyn Kennison, Greta Schneider, Carlyne Lynch, Lee Jones, Daryle Ryder, Gerald McBride, Rose McBride (camera shy: Lesley Kelly, Pam Pauli). Many thanks to Margie Reiff and Rose McBride for sending photos.

Gerald: “It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon full of conversations about the wide variety of artistic methods this group of artists uses, sharing our successful art projects, and talking out why some attempts failed.”

Rose: “Over some really good food, we talked about scheduling a local play date and encouraged new artists’ involvement in PNWGG’s upcoming Fall Studio Tour and the 2024 Gathering of the Guilds. It was fun to show everyone our two studios and talk about what we make. It was even more fun to hear from the others what they are working on.”

You can still attend a Guild picnic this summer!

Have some fun getting to know your glass neighbors by sharing food and talking glass (plus you might make a new friend who will lend you a mold or who will help with a Play Day.)

Sunday Aug. 6th at Gail Haskett’s in Battle Ground WA (near Portland), noon to 4:00 pm NOTE CHANGE in place and date

Sunday Aug. 13th at Karen Seymour’s in Seattle WA at 11:00 am

Please have the courtesy and empathy to notify the host you are planning to attend so they have enough tables, chairs, plates etc. For more info see the event listing on the Guild calendar or read your Tuesday Public News email the week of the event for the address etc..

Next General Meeting Sept. 24th: Custom work, 3:30 pm via Zoom

How do you do custom work without losing your shirt? If you’ve got some experiences to share or know someone who might have, please contact VP Rachel Dollar to get in the speaker line-up (it makes things run smoothly).

Guild Notes

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Renewal Problem: members please log in to be sure your membership is current. If it is not current the system should take you to the renewal page to pay for another year of membership. We chose not to set it to automatically renew, we only send you an invoice. Thank you in advance for the funds to keep the Guild going.

A small number of renewals have reported having their credit cards refused. This recent software bug may involve clicking on the “securely save to account” box located just before submitting the credit card information to finish paying. Try unchecking that box and resubmitting the payment. If you do have a problem please contact Karen Seymour for website help. Attaching a screen grab of the error message will be very helpful in getting the bug fixed. You can do that on Windows by pushing the “PrtScr” key on the upper row of the keyboard, opening an email by clicking my name above, click in the body of the email then right click and choose to paste into the email. You should see part of the contents of your screen in the email message (the whole thing is actually there, just too large to show).

Run for office: If you might be willing to serve a year as President, Secretary, Vice President, or Sponsorship Chair (or know someone with some relevant skills who might be convinced to run for office, i.e. you can help the nominating committee), please contact the current president for more information.

You’re part of the team: Please send in photos of your glass events, new techniques you’re trying, problems you’re having etc. so we may include them in the next newsletter!

Member Benefits: Getting what you want

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Everyone I know well enough to have a discussion of this sort confesses to a need for some sort of creative outlet. It seems to be part of being human. For most of us in the Guild that creativity is expressed through glass. I invite you to take 5 minutes to share with us what would help you with your glass creativity and email it to me. I’ll compile the results and put them in the next newsletter anonymously (unless you specifically say I can quote you).

Joining together as the Guild we have more power to help each other in ways that would be difficult to do individually:

  • We get sponsors to give us discounts
  • We organize shows like Open Studios and Gathering of the Guilds to help you sell your work
  • Through the newsletter, website, email list, Facebook etc. we promote your events
  • Through General Meetings and Play Days we share glass techniques and business skills
  • Through picnics and parties we encourage you to get to know your glass neighbors so you can share molds, techniques, problem solving etc.

The “we” in the list above is a bunch of volunteers at all skill levels. We’ve found we get more out of the Guild when we put more into it. If you want the Guild to help you be more creative, you need to give us specifics. Write it down and email it as mentioned above. Attend a Board meeting (they’re on Zoom) and explain in person. Even better, volunteer along with us:

  • Help decide what the Guild does next year by being an officer: email the President for details
  • Help with the newsletter to connect with others: email the Editors
  • Join the team to fine tune the website so it is a better backbone of communication: email the Website Chair
  • Help with or organize a studio tour in your area to sell your work and talk glass: email Linda Gerrard or Karen Seymour
  • Get your favorite glass business to be a sponsor so you can save money: email the Sponsorship Chair
  • Organize a Play Day to explore new techniques: email the Event Coordinator
  • Come to one of the August Guild picnics: email the host in the event listing:
    -> August 6th in Battle Ground WA (near Portland)
    -> August 13th in Seattle

If you are not yet a member, please join today by clicking “Join” in the menu.

Pacific NW Glass Events, past & future

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A big thank you to the many members took turns manning the Guild’s booth at the Portland Rose Festival. They had a good time selling their work and telling folks about the Guild (not shown is Lesley Kelly’s booth)

Bridget Culligan took her flocks of birds to Sorticulture (Everett WA)
Lael Bennett enjoyed good weather and sales at the Wedgwood Arts Festival in Seattle.

The wrapping team for Art In the Garden at Ann Cavanaugh’s worked hard most of the day. For some of the art see a video on Ann’s facebook page and photos on Kevin Kanyo’s Kan Yo Fuse facebook page.

Future events

Two More Picnics!

As mentioned in a previous article, the July 16th Guild Picnic at Rose and Gerald McBride’s just south of Salem OR had a show and tell session following the food with several people bringing “how’d this happen” pieces and educational discussion. You still have a chance for more in-person glass talk at one of the August picnics:

Sunday August 6th at Gail Haskett’s in Battle Ground WA (near Portland NOTE this is a change in place and Date)

Sunday August 13th Karen Seymour’s in Seattle

You don’t need to be a member to attend but please have the courtesy and empathy to contact the host to tell them you are coming so they have enough tables, plates etc.

Candice Pratt

July 27th from 5:00 to 8:00 pm Candace Pratt is having her first Gallery Show opening for “Melting Pot – Vessels for Unity” at the Guardino Gallery, 2939 NE Alberta, Portland, OR. She’s also giving an artist’s talk there August 12th at 2:00 pm. The show goes until August 28th.

Sept 16-17 Lynn McManus will be on the Edmonds WA studio tour 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Open Studios Registration Closes August 29th

The show is September 30 – October 1 in the Portland/Vancouver 5-county area: More information and a list of volunteer positions are mentioned in a previous article and on the Event Listing.

Please send us photos of your glass events!

Having a photo makes it so much easier to invite people to participate in an event next year. If you are part of or go to a glass event please take some photos and send the best 2 to the publicity team (400 to 600 px or “medium” resolution, about 500 KB, not more than 1MB).

General meetings in 2023

Zoom, usually on the 4th Sunday of most months, at 3:30 pm. Contact Rachel Dollar, our VP, if you have suggestions for future topics. You don’t need to be a member to attend our General Meetings but we would love to have you join.

Late Summer/Fall Events:

Logged in members can submit their events under About> Contact Us, Submit Calendar Event tab

(Guild sponsored events are in bold)

August 2023
6 Guild Picnic in Battle Ground WA (near Portland)
13 Guild Picnic in Seattle WA
21 Candice Pratt Gallery show opening Portland OR
29 Deadline to register for Open Studios
(5-county Portland OR/Vancouver WA region)

6 Guild Board Meeting 7:30 via Zoom
16-17  Edmonds Art Studio Tour, Edmonds WA
24 Guild General meeting via Zoom: Custom work
30-Oct 1 Open Studios near Portland

6-8 Local 14 Art Show and Sale, Portland OR
12-15  Refract huge multi-event glass celebration, Seattle area
14-15  Glass and Decor Studio Tour, Seattle WA
22 Guild General Meeting via Zoom:
Vote for next year’s officers

Featured Sponsor: Zetamari

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I have been creating mosaics in Seattle, Washington for private collections, galleries, and public spaces since 1998 and have enjoyed every minute of it.

I am drawn to soothing symmetries of sparkling glass tiles and beads that are often inspired by the rhythm and symmetry of Moroccan art and architecture. My passion for this ancient art form led me to study with masters in Italy, Spain, and the US, who instilled in me a pride of workmanship expressed in each hand-crafted piece. I aspire to bring the joy of spirit I feel with the creation of each piece to the home of others. My journey with this art form is intensely spiritual as I strive to express an interconnected world where seemingly small and inconsequential experiences affect the whole. Mosaic is a medium effective at illustrating how carefully shaped pieces can unite with other tesserae to create something rich with texture, color, and meaning. There’s something magical about mosaic when it offers a detailed and holistic view simultaneously.

I also find sharing my knowledge and experience with students to be wonderfully satisfying and fulfilling. Something I love about teaching mosaic classes is when a student is in awe of what they are able to create with some guidance and supplies. Creating your own masterpiece is a wonderful way to add personality to your home and spark your creative spirit. Best part? Experience isn’t necessary! 
Contact her for classes (members should log in to see the Sponsor benefit):

Angie Heinrich,
Zetamari Mosaic Artworks

Seattle: 206-383-2698
F A C E B O O K:


Thanks to our Sponsors!

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These companies and organizations are an integral part of the glass art community. We thank our Sponsors for supporting our Guild through either generous donations or by offering discounts to our Members. Please take time to thank them for their generosity when you visit their businesses.

Gold Level Sponsors

Silver Level Sponsors

Artifex Toolworks – Glass Alchemy – HIS Glass Works

2023: May Issue

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Rae Williamson

Upcoming events: pnwglassguild.org/events/

(Bolded events are Guild sponsored)


26-29 Rose Festival display, Portland OR

2-4 Rose Festival display, Portland OR
5 Board Meeting via Zoom
9-11 Rose Festival display, Portland OR
9-11 Sorticulture, Everett WA
10 Play Day: Soldering, Seattle WA
16-18 Edmonds Art Festival, Edmonds WA
23-25 Lake Oswego Arts Festival, OR
25 General Meeting via Zoom


15 Art In The Garden, Battle Ground WA
16 Guild Picnic, Turner OR (near Salem)
21-23 Salem Art Festival, Salem OR
28-30 Bellevue Arts Museum Fair, Bellevue WA

Members can log in and submit their events by clicking About>Contact Us, and filling out the Submit Calendar Event form


  • Featured Artists: Shawna Hovey, Janet Van Fleet
  • Gathering of the Guilds
  • President’s Message
  • 2023 Board of Directors
  • Welcome to our Newest Members
  • Editors’ Spotlight: Kelley Knickerbocker
  • Editor’s Spotlight: Glass Guru Part II
  • Charity Table
  • Why Do I Volunteer?
  • Rose Festival
  • Vendors Fair
  • General Meetings
  • Guild Notes
  • PNW Glass Events, past & future
  • Sponsor Discounts and New Sponsors
  • Featured Sponsor: Glass Bird Studios
  • Thanks to All Our Sponsors

Read the whole issue on the website:

(If you’ve just clicked the link and are seeing this page again, scroll down)

Featured Artist: Shawna Hovey

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Portland, Oregon

I started creating with glass in November ’08, after a bout with Breast Cancer, followed by Heart Failure. I realized that I needed to jump off the hamster wheel of my toxic and stressful life, into a life where I could live and grow into my best life. It was then, on a whim, that I turned into our neighborhood glass shop to inquire about taking a glass class. I took one abbreviated introduction class. Since then, glass has flowed from my soul, evolving into what it is today… scenic mountain, ocean and sculpted floral jewelry, as well as other wearable art. With that one class, I was on my way to Bliss…Creating with glass lit a fire that still burns brightly.

In fact, if I get too far away from my glass, my heart starts to falter.I am a glass fuser, creating primarily with dichro. I love its brilliance and how it inspires me to create. I don’t know what I’m going to create when I start. I get to watch what materializes, What I hear from so many is that my creations are like no other dichro work they’ve seen. I believe this is due to my shaping techniques, and finite attention to details… Details take time and patience, which I think many are not equipped with

You can make dichro sing, glow or scream with brilliant color; but,also, have it fall flat (lack luster) depending on the detailing of your cold work. Knowing when to stop is key.For me, it’s when the involuntary smile shows up on my face.What do I find most challenging with glass? The scariest, was having to drill my first hole into glass! But once I mastered that, it opened up a whole new world for me. That’s when I started sculpting glass into jewelry. I felt fearless! But, I had to pledge to myself, to never be devastated over broken pieces… ‘You can always make earrings’.

I have been a member of the Glass Guild in the past, and held office briefly. But, due to health reasons, I wasn’t able to continue. I don’t currently teach classes. But I do see it in my future if the opportunity arises. I’ve participated in previous Guild Shows. Though, this year, it dawned one morning when I arrived, looking around and breathing it all in… I have found my people! Generally, I’m an introvert, but being with ‘like’ beings, and creativity that abounds, I am my best self. There is nothing better than when creative minds collide! Exhilarating…Being involved with the Guild, it’s the Artists, creativity, and learning that I enjoy most.

Featured Artist: Janet Van Fleet

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Battle Ground, Washington

I am a retired teacher. Somewhere in the midst of teaching, I fell in love with glass. Before teaching, oil painting was my passion. That dwindled during my teaching years. With glass, I looked forward to coming home after a challenging day at school to take a piece of glass out of the kiln and see my creation magically transformed into a piece of beautiful light. That joy and love of creating has continued and now 20+ years later I’m enjoying creating as my primary job while retired.

With my oil painting and drawing experience, I naturally gravitated toward painting with glass. While I haven’t officially taught glass classes, I have shared my knowledge with others in my studio. And who knows, teaching might be the next step.

I believe glass is the ultimate medium in art…the light of our world…connecting heaven and earth. The joy of seeing glass transform into something new and even more beautiful is indescribable. The challenge is letting go of expectations and allowing the glass to transform. I’m the tool that manipulates it, but ultimately, glass creates the results.

Gathering of the Guilds – Another Successful Year

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This year’s show was a huge success with 23 artists, lots of dedicated volunteers, many, many compliments from the people who attended and really well crafted booth layouts. People should be very proud of their participation based on compliments on the wonderful artwork and that people who attended were so very grateful we had the show again this year.

Linda Roman

Attendance for this year was 13,526 people coming in the hall. The majority of the people came in the afternoon of each day, which jives with the unexpected first day of sunshine and hot weather we had on Saturday with people doing outdoor activities in the morning and then coming to the show and cooling off and shopping. Compared to previous years, we did well, surpassing the 13,077 of 2022 and 12,334 of 2019 and moving toward the high we had in 2018 of 18,048.

Carlyne Lynch
Rosalind Cooper
Lynn Kennison

Every guild reported increased sales from previous years. We are still waiting for three bills to come from the LLC, the convention center and the furniture company before we know how much the guild made, but overall, sales were higher than last year. Our group booth which also included New and Emerging Artist members had total sales of $7500!

One interesting observation was that each guild reported items sold this year were primarily smaller items, art cards, and products that could be worn or put outside. The potters were especially surprised that a lot of their larger pieces didn’t sell this year as they have in the past.

Greta Schneider
Mitzi Kugler
Kylea LeMond

Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out the Survey Monkey survey. The results will be compiled in time for the June board meeting and the June general meeting, but generally, there were concerns with the booth layouts, the load out process, how the demos were announced and providing a schedule beforehand, and the volunteer sign up system. Except for problems with the AC temps, people enjoyed meeting and working with the artists and vendors, talking to the visitors and reconnecting.

Dijenaire Frazier
Sharon Dunham
Jennifer Hart
Terry Thomas
Happy Shoppers
Debbie Vourlas
Kory Dollar

PNWGG Winners May 2023 – The award winners are as follows:

Best Booth in Show: Marvelous Mosaics
Best demonstration: Barb Kienle
Best Overall in Show: Tie between Mitzi Kugler and Barbara Wells
Most Creative Use of Glass: Mari Aoki Knight
Beat Overall in Show: Tie between Mitzi Kugler and Barbara Wells
Best Non-Fused Glass: Gerald and Rose McBride

Our Demonstration Area: An exciting attraction at this years show was return of our demonstration area. Several artists took time away from their booths to show attendees many aspects of how we create beautiful art. Barbara Kienle won as the best demonstration of how to make cute suncatchers with framed scenes. She let visitors make their own and then she took them to her studio and fired them. Other fun demonstrations included: Carlyne Lynch / vitrigraph, Greta Schneider / dichroic glass jewelry, Kathie Wise / mosaics, Gerald McBride / his water attachment for grinders, Roz Cooper / vases and Lyn Kennison / lanterns.

Roz Cooper glass vase demo
Gerald Mc Bride tool demo

Greta Schneider dichroic glass

To Our volunteers – We couldn’t do it without you!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who volunteered and helped before, after and during the show this year! Events like GotG which are a huge benefit to us as individual artists, the art and glass community in general and also our glass guild…cannot happen without volunteers! We realize some of you may want to volunteer mostly to get the reduced commission…..and some of you are in a booth by yourselves and have to work before or after the show or have friends or family help out to some extent during the show and we tried to make at least some workable hours available to everyone. We would also like to give a special thanks to people we know came and gave their time either to help someone earn a lower commission or just came and helped because they want to support the guild and the artists who were there.

Rae Williamson and Mitzi Kugler
Ken Hashagen

Whatever motivated you…..that time spent benefits all of us and makes the show run so much more smoothly. We had some new and unique situations and booth set ups this year and it was much more complicated than in the past to find out how many people we might have signing up and to figure out how many volunteer hours were needed, and available, and how to make them available to the artists in a fair manner….so everyone could take advantage of the commission reduction to some extent. We will probably do a few things differently next time but considering all the new people we had, and the variations on types of booths and numbers of artists in the different configurations, it went pretty smoothly.

Also, a special thanks also to those who helped get the gallery display pieces picked up and delivered to the show and even more…..helped get all of it back to the storage unit in the relatively short time span that we had on Sunday afternoon. That is an extremely important job and we know it occurs when everyone is tired and ready to just pack up and go home! There was a little confusion about the Airtable and the Sign Up Genius… Airtable only gave us an idea how many people might be available for certain types of jobs, not actual shifts. Sign up Genius, which Mitzi was thankfully able to set up online, made it much easier for people to get their actual shifts in and know what was still available. We will all be discussing ways to make the sign up system plus actually keeping track of hours done more efficiently next year. There was definitely a bit of a learning curve on volunteer hours this year….but all in all it went well.

Volunteered, Voluntold Volunteers – Member Janet Van Fleets’ Grandson and Husband.
Lesley Kelly, PNWGG Coordinator for GOTG

On behalf of the Pacific Northwest Glass Guild we would like to extend a HUGE thank you to our Lesley Kelly who coordinated our participation in this year’s Gathering of Guilds…a job well done!!!

Our artist/vendors thank you for your unending patience, encouragement and problem solving…you are the perfect person for the job.

Considerations for next year.

The demonstration area in the lobby area was a huge hit with attendees, and demo areas created by the individual guilds were extremely popular. There is a lot of interest from all the guilds in having a joint demo area up in the front of the hall, and we will be working on putting a proposal together for that.

The show will be on April 19-21, 2024, and will be in Hall D of the convention center. This is great news for us as Hall D is bigger, has two dedicated loading docks, and also is the first area that everyone who parks below the convention center comes to as they come off the elevators. This will be important as the I5 parking won’t be available due to construction and the only place to park will be in the lots under the center. The expanded space in the hall and a joint demo space could free up space for more booths and possibly more options for sizes of booths.

See you there!!!

President’s Message

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As I write this message Spring weather has taken a turn toward summer temperatures, hope you were able to enjoy some outdoor recreation or just outdoor relaxation. Speaking of enjoyment, I hope that you had an opportunity to visit one of the many in person events over the past month. Whether it be the Art in Bloom show in Seattle and their great outdoor art and weather, or the vastness of the Oregon Convention Center with an abundance of creative arts at the 2023 Gathering of the Guilds. Or even your local community open studio tour. I believe whenever you can support other artists and view their souls, they share with us through their artwork it is time well spent. May you have more opportunities to enjoy many in person events throughout the spring season.

Now, a plea from the leadership of the Guild, WE NEED YOU! We are recruiting for the next group of leaders to move the Pacific Northwest Glass Guild forward and build on our past success. Two of our team leaders have announced their intention to step away after their current term is over, they are Membership and Sponsorship team leaders. The time to step up and volunteer has never been better, so you can learn from them over the next few months. Please reach out to any of our current board members or me anytime for more details on how you can assist us deliver great programs.

“Creativity requires the Courage to let go of Certainties.” ~~Erich Fromm

2023 Board of Directors

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The 2023 PNWGG Board of Directors are:

  • President – Terry Thomas
  • Vice President – Rachel Dollar
  • Secretary- Haley Wigent
  • Co-Treasurers – Linda Roman and Kate Nicklos
  • Sponsorship Chair – Linda Gerrard
  • Membership Chair – Rae Williamson
  • Newsletter Chair – Greta Schneider
  • Communications Chair – Stephanie Johnston
  • Website Chair – Karen Seymour

A special thank you to Jennifer Hart who has volunteered to shadow Rachel Dollar during 2023. We are looking for other members to shadow board members in the upcoming year. This will aid in a smoother transition as new board members step up in the future. It also gives you a chance to see behind the scenes and what it takes to keep the Guild engaging and relevant in your glass journey. Reach out to Terry Thomas (president@pnwglassguild.org) to volunteer or if you have any questions.

Welcome to our Newest Members

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Please take time to reach out and connect…even if you don’t live in the same area. The wonders of technology brings us all just a few clicks away. Members can find contact info for these folks and other members if you log-in to pnwglassguild.org and go to “For Members” (which only appears when logged-in) and choose Member Contacts List.

Keryn Anchel Portland OR
Kelly Bates Canby OR
Pam Bielenberg Albany OR
Christi Churchill Aberdeen WA
Kathleen Doty Portland OR
Linda Ethier Portland OR
Dejenaire Frazier Portland OR

Lindsay Konopka Portland OR
Bonnie Moss Turner OR
Dianne Muhly Corneluis OR
Scott Philips Canby OR
Matt Seger Seattle WA
Dorothy Wayne University Place WA
Tawna Wilsey Freeland WA