Featured Artist – Lesley Kelly

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Lesley Kelly is the incoming 2024 Board President. She started doing stained glass in 2004, learning from classes at Cline’s Glass after her daughter went to college. In 2008, she began fusing. Since then, she has tried her hand at multiple forms of glass art, including glass blowing, beads, fusing, stained glass, mosaics, etc.

The light coming though glass and creating colors fascinates Lesley as well as the idea of creating nature through art. Lesley creates a lot of bubble glass and has also been working with the new delicate disco method taught by Amanda Simmons. This method uses powder to create glass squares that are then slumped in drop rings to create bowls or other pieces. When asked what new techniques she wants to try right now, she replied, “I just need time to work on the ones I have learned in the past few years!”

Lesley joined the glass guild in 2004 and started helping Charlene Fort with running the Gathering of the Guilds (GOTG) shows. She served as volunteer coordinator for that as well as the information booth for the show for a lot of years. She was the membership chair of the Guild for two years, then treasurer for three years, and volunteered to chair the GOTG in 2021, 2022 and 2023. Her goal is to make the Guild a resource for all members, have meetings that really draw members to them, and to get the Guild on a good financial footing.

Featured Artist – Barb Kienle

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Barb Kienle is the incoming 2024 Board Co-Vice President.

Barb lives in Portland and attended the Gathering of the Guilds for many years. She always found herself drawn to the Glass Guild section, marveling at the beauty of the pieces and the talent of the artists. One year her husband gave her a kiln for Christmas. She has no idea how he decided that was a gift she would want or use, but it sat in its box for two years in the garage. With an all-consuming career and very little free time, she felt overwhelmed by learning how to use a kiln. However, as her retirement approached, Barb decided to take a class at Bullseye Glass.

In the class, Barb learned how to cut glass and made a simple plate. Very basic, but it was enough to boost her confidence and she went home to unpack the kiln. That was 5 years ago. Basically self-taught through videos and trial and error, Barb credits some wonderful artists she has met along the way who have generously shared information and techniques with her. She tries to pay that forward when meeting others who are learning.

Barb enthuses, “I love the texture of tack and contour fusing and I love flowers and beach scenes. I do a couple events a year to sell things so I can replenish my glass supplies.” She now splits her time between Portland and Arizona. When they decided to spend the winters in Arizona a few years ago, she told her husband that she could not go 5 months without doing glass, so they set up a small studio space in their garage in Arizona. Barb loves being able to work all year with glass and hosts open studio times for friends in AZ.

Barb joined the Glass Guild at the suggestion of a friend who said it was a great way to be part of the glass community and learn from others. She reflects, “I am not the most outgoing person, but have tried to participate in some of the events and have always felt welcomed. I look forward to sharing the Vice President position with Carlyne Lynch and continuing to learn from all of you.” 

Featured Artist – Carlyne Lynch

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Carlyne Lynch, from Wilsonville, Oregon, is stepping into the role of Co-Vice President of the Board for 2024. Carlyne is a member of Artistic Portland Gallery, a cooperative gallery of 24 artists who run, manage and staff the Gallery

Utilizing a variety of techniques in her glass work, she combines torch work, glass powder, glass pieces, and glass paint to create multiple layer pieces. While doing some bead work, lately she has been making more elements to embed in glass. With a vitrigraph kiln, Carlyne creates much of her own cane.

For her fused work, Carlyne uses several layered techniques and confesses to always feeling surprised when the kiln opens. She comments, “Working with glass is fun and challenging and allows me to harness my abundance of energy in a creative way.” She just built a teaching studio and recently started teaching classes in Vitrigraph design, watercolor technique and layered elements.

Carlyne is eager to serve on the Board in 2024. “I have been in the PNW Glass Guild for eight years and served as your webmistress for four and a half years. I look forward to this coming year serving with a wonderful group of volunteers.”

Featured Artist – Becky Meinhart

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Becky Meinhart is the incoming 2024 PNW Glass Guild Secretary. She is from Gresham, Oregon. Becky’s fascination with fused glass began twenty-five years ago. She was familiar with ‘blown’ glass, having worked for a glass blower while in her teens. However, ‘fusing’ was a new concept she was compelled to learn what it meant to fuse glass. Having shared her intrigue with a friend, she began taking classes, joining the Oregon Glass Guild and learning multiple techniques from some of the finest glass professionals on the planet! She notes, “While the Guild was always a great resource in so many ways, I was privileged to learn from some of the finest artist/teachers: Ann Cavenaugh, Mark Hufford, Alicia Lomne’, Kelly Crosser-Alge, and the list goes on.”

The areas of glass art that interest Becky the most are deep scenery pieces (thank you Ann!), enamels on glass, lighting (which requires collaborating with metal artists), and, more recently, mosaic work. Having experienced many changes in her life, which resulted in a hiatus from glass work for several years, Becky has recently relocated back to Oregon, from Washington, and is setting up her studio and looking forward to creating again.

Becky is excited about serving on the Board. “The PNWGG has been a great organization and I am grateful for the wonderful members I have known over the years and look forward to serving again and meeting new members!”

President’s Message

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President’s Message – November 2023
Welcome to the holiday season, I hope everyone is prepared to have some great holiday shows and sales. Be sure to share where you will be and how other members can connect with you. This can be done by submitting a calendar request to the PNWGlassGuild.org site: Log in and then go to About>Contact Us, Submit Calendar Event and sharing on the PNWGlassGuildMembers Facebook Group: there’s a link on the bottom of each website page.

Thank you to the members that have stepped up to form the 2024 PNWGG Board of Directors. I am excited to see where this great group of volunteers takes us next year and how they will continue adding value for our members.

This will be my last President’s Message, so I want to thank everyone for the privilege of serving over the past two years. It has been a true honor to work with the other Board members to bring the many educational meetings and opportunities to feature your glass art. I look forward to continuing my personal learning journey to hone my glass art skills and will take inspiration from all your great work.

Best wishes for a great holiday season and an even better 2024.

“Gratitude is an ART of painting an adversity into a lovely picture.” ~~Kak Sri

2023 Board of Directors

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The 2023 PNWGG Board of Directors are:

  • President – Terry Thomas
  • Vice President – Rachel Dollar
  • Secretary – Haley Wigent
  • Co-Treasurers – Linda Roman and Kate Nicklos
  • Sponsorship Team Lead – Linda Gerrard (need a candidate for 2024)
  • Membership Team Lead – Kate Nicklos
  • Newsletter Team Lead – Greta Schneider
  • Communications Team Lead – Stephanie Johnston
  • Website Team Lead – Karen Seymour


Congratulations and thank you to the newly elected officers for 2024: Lesley Kelly, President, Becky Meinhart, Secretary, and Barbara Kienle and Carlyne Lynch, co-vice-presidents

Thanks also to those who are serving another term: Linda Roman, treasurer, and Terry Thomas, past president, as well as to those who served the past two years and are now leaving the Board: Rachel Dollar and Haley Wignet

We are looking for members to shadow board members and/or join the various teams in the upcoming year. This will aid in a smoother transition as new board members step up in the future. It also gives you a chance to see behind the scenes and what it takes to keep the Guild engaging and relevant in your glass journey. Reach out to Terry Thomas (president@pnwglassguild.org) to volunteer or if you have any questions.

Welcome to our Newest Members

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Please take time to reach out and connect…even if you don’t live in the same area. The wonders of technology bring us all just a few clicks away. Members can find contact info for these folks and other members if you log in to pnwglassguild.org and go to “For Members” (which only appears when logged in) and choose Member Contacts List.

Betsy Branch, Portland OR
Diana Henderson, Vancouver WA
Diana Lister, Bainbridge Island WA
Lu-Ann Meier, Portland OR
Anita Merina, Bellingham WA
Lu-Ann Meier, Portland OR

Hanmi Meyer, Portland OR
Leslie Patterson, Oregon City OR
Nicci Walker, Tigard OR
Kathleen Wise, Saint Helens OR
Chris Yates, Woodinville WA

Give a Gift Membership

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You can now give a glass friend a year of individual or family membership in the Pacific Northwest Glass Guild. Just go to http://pacific-northwest-glass-guild.square.site/ (this is a page belonging to the Guild’s payment processor, squareup.com). Select the type of membership you wish to give, fill in your email, the recipient’s name, email and/or phone #, and pay for it. We’ll email both you and the recipient separately with instructions on how to start the membership.

Central Oregon Glass Artists

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From Robin McQuiston: Central Oregon has been growing and with that growth there are more artists than ever. As a Bend, Oregon resident I’d like to get together with other glass artists during this next year. Take the time to share our artistic journeys and maybe, like Refract in Seattle, consider establishing a tour of studios in our area.

My affair with glass started 30 years ago when I first saw Dale Chihuly’s art glass and it has continued. Living now in Bend, after many years in Seattle, I have moved from blown glass to fused glass in my artwork journey. I’d like to meet like-minded artists along the Central Oregon Cascades. From Madras to La Pine, let’s meetup and make plans for sharing our glass passions with each other and our communities. Please contact me if you want to be part of this.

glass by Robin McQuiston

Flash Challenge

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Someone at the October General meeting asked for a Play Day for kiln-created flashed glass. As was explained at the General Meeting flashed glass is something generally created by glass blowers. It is usually clear or white with a thin layer (“flash”) of colored glass on one side. Fremont Antique Glass Company still makes flashed glass: gather clear or one color, apply a coat of another color, blow a large cylinder, chop the ends off, cut it open and slump it flat. Fused glass artists can “flash” colored powder on a sheet of clear in their kiln for a similar effect.

Sheets of flashed glass were used in pre-plastic times for signage by etching or sandblasting off the color in the shape of the lettering or logo desired. In vases and bottles it can be carved to show clear designs. Glass artists like Peter McGrain continue to sandblast and etch flashed sheets to create subtle effects.

Peter McGrain’s Shrimpers

The pieces of traditional flashed glass Peter McGrain sandblasted and stacked to make the bottom section of his “Shrimpers” window.

There’s a Flash Play Day via Zoom on Saturday November 18th at 9:30 am to help fusers make their own flashed glass in their kiln and then do things with it. This is mostly kiln work and cutting so it will be an initial Zoom discussion with a couple of subsequent Zoom gatherings to discuss progress and share results after firings. Play Days are only for Guild Members. Please join the guild before attending. Contact host Karen Seymour if you have questions.

The Newsletter team challenges you to use flashed glass, created by any method, in an art piece and send us a photo by January 8th so we can show off your work in the January Newsletter.

General Meetings: Usually 4th Sunday 3:30 pm via Zoom (3rd Sunday in Nov.)

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November 19th General Meeting: Holiday Projects for Kids

3:30 via Zoom: Do you have ideas for fun kids’ projects? Have you run a class for kids, or helped a child make a gift or holiday decoration out of glass? Children’s projects are a great way to help build a future glass community. Share your experience and ideas at the next General Meeting! Contact Rachel Dollar to get on the list of speakers for the meeting. (It runs much more smoothly if she knows who to call on next). See the event listing for more details.

(Image: David Smith teaches glass blowing to attentive kids)

Potluck Holiday Parties in place of December General Meeting

2022 holiday party at sponsor Melt Art Glass

So far we have 3 potluck holiday parties for us glassies. Click the city or see the event listings in the calendar for details:
Sat. Dec. 9, 5 pm in Beaverton OR
Sun. Dec. 10, 11 am in Seattle WA Sun. Dec. 17, 3 pm in Vancouver WA
Please contact VP Rachel Dollar if you want to host a party for your glass neighbors.

This is for the Guild but friends and family and anyone else interested in glass is welcome to attend.

Prior Meeting Recordings Now Available To Members

Did you miss a recent meeting but wish you hadn’t? Members can log in to view videos of recent General Meetings that have been uploaded to Glass>Education on the PNWGlassGuild.org menu. These are unedited in order to make them available sooner. If someone wants to help their fellow members by editing them we’d really appreciate it, please contact Karen Seymour to volunteer.

Many thanks to all those who shared their knowledge and experience at our meetings.

1) New (to you) Techniques (October): Interesting fusing techniques and insights from our members
Rachel Dollar: Wazer (waterjet) cutter
Lael Bennett: Optics and cutting thick glass
Fred Buxton: Making Clouds
Karen Seymour: Flashed Glass
Roz Cooper: Flow

2) Custom Work (September): How to do it without losing your shirt. Main speakers: Kathy Johnson, Sondra Radcliffe and Jane Godfrey, Linda Gerrard

3) Public Artwork Adventures (June):
Rachel Dollar, Nancy Keating, and Michael Dupille talk about experiences in getting, creating and installing public art commissions.

4) Shaping tools (May)
Barbara Cashman – talked about SilkeMat and how you use it. Lael Bennett gave information on how to fire on shaped stainless steel screen without the glass sticking.

5) Kiln Maintenance (February)
Delores Taylor and several others give tips on what to look for when buying and maintaining your kiln

Delores Taylor‘s kiln was restored from this meltdown. Log on and hear her experience.

Guild Notes

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Auto Renew is now available! If you turn on Auto Renew you don’t have to go through the payment window form each year. You can do this now or the next time you renew.

To do it now log in, go to your account from the resulting window (or under For Members). Go to the subscriptions tab on the left, click the icon to view it. Scroll down, add a payment type and turn on “Auto Renew”. You can even renew now to add another year to the end of this membership term. Your credit card information is stored by Squareup.com, our payment processor, not by the Guild’s website. If you have problems please contact the web-help team.

The Guild has hired Butterflyly to manage the technical part of our website. We are excited to work with them to make our website even more useful to members.

This doesn’t mean we don’t need YOU to help with the content: Please send in photos of your glass events, new techniques you’re trying, problems you’re having, etc. so we may include them in the next newsletter!

Pacific NW Glass Events, Past & Future

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Open Studios in the Portland/Vancouver area at the end of September:

Shirley Bishop hosted Linda Roman and Kate Nichols:

Work by Nichols, Roman and Bishop

Shirley Bishop in part of her studio

Linda Roman and some of her work

Roz Cooper in her studio

Lesley Kelly and Sondra Radcliffe showed their work at Lyn Kennison’s

Margie Rieff with her work and Lyn Kennison’s in the background

Carlyne Lynch hosted Greta Schneider and Rose McBride

Visitors work on the free project Carlyne Lynch set up.

Greta Schneider explains process

Rose McBride talks to 2 visitors about glass

Just a portion of the glass Margaret Eagle had displayed in her stable/studio

Linda Gerrard hosted Diane Muhley. Their work was co-mingled in the main display area.

Lind Gerrard’s studio had demos of her landscape technique.

Seattle Glass And Decor Studio Tour in Mid-October

The morning of the studio tour started with an eclipse. We used a colander to project the shadow of the partly eclipsed sun on the nearest white surface.

A small part of Bridget Culligan’s studio display

Glass blower David Smith at Blowing Sands usually has a challenge task set by his friends. Here’s the result from a past year.

Lael Bennett and her display in Karen Seymour’s yard

Karen Seymour’s tables and bowls in the foreground

Kathy Johnson and her work were also at Karen Seymour’s site.

Members at Other Events:

Terry Thomas at the Plum Bazaar

Ann Cavanaugh in the Clark County Studio Tour

Greta Schneider at LOCAL 14

Future events

Both the Nov 18th Flash Play Day and the General Meeting Nov. 19th will be on Zoom.

Plan to attend at least one of the 3 potluck Holiday Parties and let the host know you’re coming so they have enough chair etc.. This is for the Guild but friends and family and anyone else interested in glass is welcome to attend, please contact the host:
Saturday Dec. 9, 5 pm in Beaverton OR (SW Portland)Sunday Dec 10, 11 am in Seattle WA
Sunday Dec 17, 3 pm in Vancouver WA

The 2022 holiday party at Linda Gerrard’s

Please send us photos of your glass events!

Having a photo makes it so much easier to invite people to participate in an event next year. If you are part of or go to a glass event please take some photos and send the best 2 to the publicity team (400 to 600 px or “medium” resolution, about 500 KB, not more than 1MB).

General meetings in 2023

Zoom, usually on the 4th Sunday of most months, at 3:30 pm. Contact Rachel Dollar, our VP, if you have suggestions for future topics. You don’t need to be a member to attend our General Meetings but we would love to have you join.

Fall Events:

Logged in members can submit their events under About> Contact Us, Submit Calendar Event tab

(Guild sponsored events are in bold)

18 Flash Play Day via Zoom
18-19 Washougal (WA) Studio Artists Tour
18-19   Wild Arts (Audubon), Portland OR
19 Guild General Meeting via Zoom: Kids’ Holiday Projects

2-3   Phinney Winter Festival, Seattle WA
9 Guild Holiday Party in Beaverton OR (SW Portland)
10 Guild Holiday Party in Seattle WA
17 Guild Holiday Party in Vancouver WA

8 Guild Board Meeting via Zoom
28 Guild General Meeting Via Zoom

Featured Sponsor: Inspirational Glass and Metal Art

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Rosalind Stanton is a metal and fused glass artist, working from home in Birken, B.C. Roz began working with glass in 2004, and became interested in metal art in 2006 while trying to find a way to display her fused glass art. She started by designing, cutting, burnishing, and bending aluminum into ornate stands that will hold a variety of glass art. After mastering aluminum, she ventured into cutting steel, manipulating it without the need for welding. Roz continues to design and sell a line of burnished aluminum as well as light steel stands in various sizes and styles for displaying glass indoors or out. The silver aluminum is beautiful as is, or you can paint it to work with any glass design.

She also offers fused glass instructional videos on both her website and on YouTube, and is willing to work with glass artists to manipulate an existing design to better fit a piece. Because Roz is located in British Columbia, she works with Debbie Patana in Chinook, Washington to ship stands to US customers.

(Members should log in and go to About>Our Sponsors to see the sponsor benefit offered).

Check out her website at: Inspirational Glass and Metal Art

Thanks to our Sponsors!

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These companies and organizations are an integral part of the glass art community. We thank our Sponsors for supporting our Guild through either generous donations or by offering discounts to our Members. Please take time to thank them for their generosity when you visit their businesses.

Gold Level Sponsors

Silver Level Sponsors

Artifex Toolworks – Glass Alchemy – HIS Glass Works

2023: September Issue

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Upcoming events: pnwglassguild.org/events/

(Bolded events are Guild sponsored)

16-17  Edmonds Art Studio Tour, Edmonds WA
24 General meeting via Zoom: Custom Work
30-Oct 1 Open Studios near Portland

2 Board Meeting via Zoom
6-8 Local 14 Art Show and Sale, Portland OR
12-15  Refract glass multi-event, Seattle area
14-15  Glass and Decor Studio Tour, Seattle WA
22 General Meeting via Zoom: Vote for next year’s officers

6 Board Meeting via Zoom
10-12    Best of the NW fall show, Seattle WA
18-19   Wild Arts (Audubon), Portland OR
19 General Meeting via Zoom: Kids’ Projects

Members can log in and submit their events by clicking About>Contact Us, and filling out the Submit Calendar Event form


  • Featured Artists: Evan Burnette, Kathy Johnson
  • Guild seeks PAID Webmaster
  • President’s Message
  • 2023 Board of Directors
  • Welcome to our Newest Members
  • Open Studios
  • General Meetings
  • Guild Notes
  • PNW Glass Events, past & future
  • Featured Sponsor: NW Art Glass
  • Thanks to All Our Sponsors

Read the whole issue on the website:

(If you’ve just clicked the link and are seeing this page again, scroll down)

Featured Artist: Evan Burnett, Portland OR

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Evan giving a demonstration during the 2022 Open Studios

In 2008 Evan started his own glass design and production company, Local Art Glass LLC. In addition to having a great team of six artisans helping him make his work, Local Art Glass is also Portland, Oregon’s only public glassblowing studio. It is located upstairs in an intriguing building called the Pickle Factory.

Evan’s studio practice is divided between two disciplines – design and fine art. On the design side Evan and his team create decorative and functional items for the home and office, including drinkware, vases, urns, bowls, and ornaments.  In 2020, Local Art Glass became the top seller of hand-blown ornaments on Etsy.com, making them one of the top producers of high-quality hand-blown ornaments in the country.

Evan’s fine art practice is centered on themes of humor, absurdism, and surrealism, often with mid-century modern and psychedelic qualities. Subjects have included hotdogs, glitter chickens, pickle spaceships, and plates decorated with images of Steve Buscemi. Burnette traces much of his current aesthetic and interests back to children’s television of the mid 1980’s, primarily Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, and Jim Henson’s The Muppet Show.

In 2023, an opportunity arose when the suite next door to Local Art Glass’s studio was vacated. Seizing the opportunity, Evan decided to expand the studio, moving the hotshop to the adjoining suite, making Local Art Glass’s footprint now just under 4,000 square feet. With the new added space, LAG is now able to offer glassblowing classes on a regular basis. Casting, fusing, and other specialized glass technique classes, featuring visiting artists, will be added to LAG’s public offerings in the near future.

You can see more of his work on the Portland area Open Studios Tour September 30 – October 1.

Featured Artist: Kathy Johnson, Burien WA

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Kathy Johnson just celebrated 40 years of being part-owner of PNW Glass Guild sponsor Glass Expressions in Burien, WA, just south of Seattle. She started making glass beads in 1991. Her custom bead-portraits of horses combine her love of horses with her eye for detail and mastery of bead-making. Lately she has been combining fused glass with welding.

When she’s not out sailing she does expert stained glass repairs, plays with glass using all sorts of methods, and often wins glass cutting contests. She’s also a great teacher. You can see her in action in her Glass Classroom videos on YouTube or by taking a class in person.

If you take the Guild-sponsored GlassAndDecor.com studio tour in north Seattle on October 14-15 stop by site #3 to see and talk to her about her work.

Guild seeks PAID webmaster

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Please share the following with anyone who might be both qualified and interested in doing very part time WordPress site back-end support:

PNWGlassGuild.org is a small non-profit group looking for a long term Webmaster and we’re willing to pay for your time:
Do you have proven experience with WordPress, the WooCommerce Subscriptions plug-in, and know or be willing to learn the Ultimate Member plug-in that provides our membership features such as registration, list management for MailChimp, content restriction, and the Members’ Gallery? We seek someone to initially spend time learning the site, switching the theme from the present Kadence “Virtue” to the block-based “Kadence” theme, and deleting no longer needed custom code in the process. We may also want you to do a bit of visual freshening of the site. This will be specified in detail after interviewing and getting your input. Our 3-year old site generally works well for us and we are NOT willing to consider a complete re-build at this time. The website creator and a copy of her documentation is available to answer specific questions you might have when you get started.

After the theme switch we ask you to spend an hour or two once a month installing any plug-in updates that are not too new to trust, then checking to see that the site’s key functions are working correctly. If something goes wrong we will need you to roll the just-updated plug-ins back to their previous versions and advise us on what to do next. We may also need you to assist in troubleshooting problems which appear later. We are not asking you to keep the information on the website up to date since Guild volunteers are able to do that. Please contact us at recruiting@pnwglassguild.org, with your qualifications, contact information, and approximate cost.

President’s Message

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President’s Message – September 2023
Welcome to Fall, I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler temperatures that this season brings us. Fall is one of my favorite seasons because of the great colors. I hope you are creating some great art for the upcoming Open Studio tours in Seattle and Portland. If you are not sharing your work at one of the many stops, please take time to say HI to those that will be.

Sorry that I need to repeat this plea from my last newsletter messages, but PNWGG is still in need of member volunteers for our upcoming year’s leadership team.

A plea from the leadership of the Guild, WE NEED YOU! We are recruiting for the next group of leaders to move the Pacific Northwest Glass Guild forward and build on our past success. Two of our team leaders have announced their intention to step away after their current term is over. They are Membership and Sponsorship team leaders. The time to step up and volunteer has never been better, so you can learn from them over the next few months. Please reach out to any of our current board members or me at president@pnwglassguild.org any time for more details on how you can help us deliver great programs.

“Volunteer! Start Where You Are. Use What You Have. Do What You Can.” ~~Arthur Ashe